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Our digital team are constantly crafting new journeys and experiences for audiences. Design Director, Ed Nelson, explains how we do it.

By Ed Nelson
Posted 06. 02. 2020
RDE wall 1

Why we're here

All things digital carry the promise of broadening our horizons and unlocking a breadth of discovery and freedom.

However, we’re increasingly seeing digital experiences limited to online and created in isolation from the physical world, with the result that users end up glued to screens and disengaged from the world - and all but a few brands - around them.

But at D&P, we do things differently.

We strive to make sure that digital is a unifying experience. The most engaging brands offer integrated ecosystems of physical, digital and human interaction which can lift an experience to another level of immersion.

We create connected digital experiences by defining journeys and designing touchpoints that inspire, serve and sell, in a way that’s integrated with the total brand experiences we create. Many brands want to be customer-centric, yet insist on self-service or bot-based help. Our digital team ensures that the right balance is struck between convenience and magic.

Our approach

It can be complex to get it right, but we make it simple.

We believe that digital is most effective when it’s human and inviting, not techy or alienating. It exists to make life easier and more fun.

We look to overcome barriers and seek opportunities throughout the customer journey and define where digital can play a vital part in helping, informing and inspiring the customer.

We see digital as an opportunity to create playful conversation-starters, tell brand stories, streamline services and discover new ways to drive participation, advocacy and sales.

Argos engaging content
a digitally-led experience for argos


Clients big and small, local and global, come to us with various challenges:

  • How can I create magical and shareable digital experiences?

  • How can I create better customer experiences with digital tools and platforms?
  • How I can tell my brand story consistently across digital and physical channels?
  • How can I build relationships with customers beyond conventional loyalty schemes?

Through our unique approach to creating smart, integrated digital experiences, we provide them with solutions.

Engaging digital content

Motion graphics and customisable screen content ensure that the customer experience is impactful and varied each time they visit.

We’ve had a working relationship with Primark for over 30 years, helping them upgrade and enhance their customer journeys across multiple stores. For their award-winning flagship in Madrid, we incorporated pioneering digital design into the heart of the store with a 360-degree cinematic atrium display. The digital experience plays out bespoke content across 11 interconnected screens to delight and surprise shoppers, leading them on a magical journey around the store.

Primark Madrod Digital 2
customisable content allows primark madrid to constantly change it up

Interactive storytelling

Digital activations are full of playful inspiration and allow consumers to become fully immersed in the brand experience and story.

The digital wall in Volkswagen’s Birmingham store allows customers to explore the brand through sight and touch, with a mixture of physical objects, film and projected animations. And as well as constantly creating innovative forms of storytelling for our clients, we also take our own advice. We built an interactive animation wall on our stand at the Retail Design Expo - an experimental conversation-starter that offered visitors an exploratory digital experience and went viral.

VW new grid image
subtle projections at volkswagen's birmingham store

Integrated user experiences

User experience is at the heart of all our digital projects and inspires us to create intuitive digital experiences and interfaces for mobile, web and the physical environment.

Our work with Molton Brown helped the brand place their fragrance offering at the foreground with a connected in-store and online experience that matches shoppers up with a scent to reflect their personality. Our online application, built into Molton Brown’s website, allows customers to discover their dream fragrance in a simple, visual way. The interface is projected onto an interactive display table in-store which users can simply tap to answer questions and find out the scents most suited to them.

Molton Brown Fragrance Finder
an interactive scent-matching experience for molton brown. image © molton brown

Omnichannel delivery

With the popularity of online channels increasing, it’s imperative for brand stories to be told creatively and consistently across both digital and physical in order to land well with channel-hopping consumers.

Our work with Rockar presented the automotive industry with an unprecedented omnichannel concept that tuned into how today’s car buyers shop. A new website allowing customers to browse, book and buy is accessible both from home and in-store via a central touchscreen table, providing the convenience of online shopping with the added value of on-hand specialist advisors. Customisable content played on screens around the showroom combine reviews, product benefits and social feeds to bring the online in-store and blend the customer journeys.

Rockar ipad
our store concept for rockar focuses on an omnichannel experience

We have helped many other brands integrate digital experience into their physical environments, including Argos, O2, Zippy, Mamas & Papas, Eobuwie and The White Company. Every project has its own unique challenges but share a consistent approach that blends digital, physical and human interaction.

And that's us!

At D&P we believe that to survive and thrive in the world today, all brands need to insightful and inventive across the entire brand experience – defining the brand purpose, personality, places, processes, people and products. This holistic approach helps our clients create the most engaging and successful brands in the world. If this is something you'd like to do, please get in touch.

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