Molton Brown's new Bluewater store puts fragrance first

We worked with Molton Brown on a new store concept, emphasising fragrance and putting a contemporary twist on the brand’s '70s heritage.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 09. 10. 2019

Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts since 1971, welcomes customers to a new unique sanctuary in Bluewater Shopping Centre; an immersive destination that heralds a new design direction in the brand’s store portfolio.

We worked with the British luxury brand to create a store concept that honours their roots and reframes them for our times. The new store concept is a contemporary twist on their ‘70s heritage and original salon in Mayfair’s South Molton Street; once a lifestyle hotspot for international glitterati and trailblazers during the era of free spirit.

Ever since the beginning, founders Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis placed natural ingredients at the heart of Molton Brown. Made in England, the new store aesthetic embodies this earth-born ethos, designed with bespoke stained wood, woven rattan cabinets and flourishing plants. Taking care to a new level, every little detail has been sensitively considered; from the warm, energy-conscious lighting to the British furnishing, manufactured in Haverhill, Suffolk.

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At the heart of the new shopping experience is the Fragrance Bar, a dedicated space that exhibits Molton Brown’s new Eaux de Parfum and Eaux de Toilette.

Channelling the front of the original store, the Fragrance Bar is hand-painted with a marble effect in the brand’s signature heritage-green. The semi-spherical bar is topped by an internally illuminated dome with supporting rods, each framing individual lenses that feature the story of the fragrances and mimic the brand’s iconic ‘lens’ design on their signature bottles. The modular design allows all 27 scents in the collection to be displayed whilst also supporting additional products as the range grows. The circular form makes the complete collection accessible and also provides a surface onto which to project the Fragrance Finder tool.

The exciting, interactive Fragrance Finder is an intuitive system that cleverly matches a signature scent to an individual’s personality. This innovative tool guides visitors through a sequence of images and tactile props, asking them to choose the ones that they are naturally drawn to. It will then recommend the scent that is most suited to their distinctive, truly unique self. The online tool, built into Molton Brown’s website by us, is projected onto the Fragrance Bar for users to tap and discover their matching scent.

Continuing through the store, customers can browse the new Library of collections, decorated with a handpicked selection of ‘70s inspired ornaments, heritage photography and campaign imagery; an infusion of past and present stories each carefully picked out to celebrate Molton Brown’s history. Stock is displayed on cabinets extending high up the wall, creating a sense of theatre. Collections are arranged according to fragrance, resulting in colour-coded sections that make it easier for customers to discover the product they’re looking for.


Visitors can relax in retro-inspired chairs and indulge in some much-deserved me time with a complimentary Hand & Arm massage at the inviting marble sink. The design allows the sink to be covered over, transforming the demo station into a sleek surface with drinks glasses storage on top, perfect for the transition from day-time store to night-time event space. Further complimentary in-store services, including a Gifting Consultation and the ‘Make it Mine’ gift wrapping station add an extra sense of luxury with beautiful bespoke touches.

Molton Brown have devoted a private haven to their cherished VIP customers in the new store. Tucked discreetly at the back, this cocooning alcove is decadently lit by a contemporary chandelier, where guests can recline on the heritage-green velvet booth and enjoy refreshments from the drinks cabinet. The VIP section can be reserved for Personal Fragrance Consultations or to celebrate special occasions within a tranquil ambience.

"It’s a reinvention of traditional customer experiences; positioning human connection and feelings at the forefront. We transform the retail journey with interactive and sensorial moments, creating memorable and meaningful relationships with our customers for years to come.” - Beatrice Descorps, Global Vice President, Marketing, Molton Brown

“We were privileged to have partnered with Molton Brown on this significant and distinctive new store concept. It has been a satisfying journey, resulting in an impactful and inspirational installation that’s sure to engage existing customers and recruit new devotees to the brand.” - David Dalziel, Creative Director, Dalziel & Pow

The new store opened at Bluewater Shopping Centre on 3rd October. We'll be sharing more on this project in the coming weeks.

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