Revolutionising car-buying with an omnichannel approach

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Customer Research & Profiling, Brand Identity Design, Communications Design, Brand Collateral, Campaigns, Customer Journey Mapping, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Retail Flagship Design, Format Strategy, Interaction Design, Digital Interaction, UX & UI, Touchpoint Innovation, UX & UI Design, Brief Development, Motion Graphics
Popai, BT Retail Week

The challenge

Buying a new car is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Customers have increasingly begun to question whether they're getting the right price, what all those add-ons do and whether the salesman really knows what he's talking about. Rockar was created to put customers in control, giving them an easy and flexible alternative to buying and owning a car. We needed to help them build their brand proposition and develop CX to make dealerships relevant again by allowing customers to shop the way they want.

Rockar detail Rockar Web Screen 2

Our approach & solution

Through consumer research and gathering of sector insights, we identified key shifts and pain points related to buying a car. This in turn lead to a new, sector-disrupting, approach to car buying - by changing staffing models, locations, formats, processes and services, we aligned the offer to a new era of consumer.

Key insight: By being relevant, accessible and transparent you can access a new consumer base

Launching in partnership with Hyundai, our omnichannel solution for Rockar is unprecedented in the UK automotive industry and turns car buying on its head. Our dynamic, digitally-focussed concept allows customers to browse, book test-drives, value their old car and buy on a central touchscreen table within the mall-located stores, or on mobile and at home. They can also shop with or without the help of Rockar ‘angels’ – product experts who aren’t on commission.

We created the physical and digital platform, as well as the brand identity, tone of voice, motion graphics, UX and UI, new content and communications to ensure the brand speaks to customers in a friendly and helpful way and steers clear of stereotypical sales jargon.

Strategic shift: From a dated dealership model to a helpful, digitally-integrated auto-boutique.

The launch of Rockar Hyundai has been followed by strong partnerships with Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Mitsubishi, with more in development.

Rockar showroom


POPAI Awards 2016
Retail Service Providers category winner
BT Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards 2015
Digital Store of the Year
VMSD Retail Renovation Competition 2015
Specialty under 10,000 sqft category winner

What our client says

Rockar has responded to a shift in purchasing behaviour to create a car retail experience that responds to consumer’s changing needs in today's’ digital age.” Simon Dixon
Founder of Rockar

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