Trends to Watch in 2024

Our team has been delving into the latest trend forecasts for 2024 to equip themselves for the upcoming year and here are 4 trends to watch for in 2024.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 04. 01. 2024
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1. Meaningful connections to increasingly become a key priority.

According to Instagram's data, Gen Z is seeking more meaningful connections. Brands are entering an era of creative innovation and experimentation to ensure they can build up these relationships through memorable experiences and meaningful connections in real life and online.

GARAGE featured image HM Move
©H&M hosted a dance class to connect with their community

2. People will expect deeper personalisation and customisation.

Today's consumers favour products and services tailored to their unique tastes, needs, and preferences. Due to advancements in technology & AI, consumers expect brands to shift how they interact with them individually rather than the mass marketing activity, creating a deeper, more personal connection.

AR Mirror 1 scaled
©Crosby X Zero 10's physical pop-up explored the power of customization in Web3

3. Growing importance of evoking emotion through experiences.

People are turning to brands to create experiences that evoke feelings and emotions that help with personal transformation. Those brands who are creating spaces, services and activations that are purposeful will build a stronger community.

In our Briefing series, we have covered a similar trend, ‘Bringing joy and playfulness’, explaining why brands are bringing joy and play to better connect with their audiences. Read here

©Dr Barbara Sturm creates an immersive experience evoking complete calm through taste, touch and sight

4. And the continued revitalisation of physical spaces and stores.

As retail becomes centred around convenience, curation, and community, physical presence becomes more and more valuable. Consumers are looking for a relevant dynamic destination which can only be found in physical spaces.

Bala bangles cover
©Bala's experiential store shows the value of physical space

These are our trends 4 to watch. Have you seen any others that have caught your attention?

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