The Briefing - Best of 2023

We wanted to spotlight three of The Briefing trends that have stood out to us at D&P and to our clients in 2023

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 31. 12. 2023

The common thread that ties these trends together is the growing emphasis on purpose-driven branding, with a focus on customer-centric decision-making. The notion of a singular "sell, sell, sell" mindset has given way to a more holistic approach, with brands prioritizing the entire customer experience.

1. Bringing Joy & Playfulness

Trend Summary

Brands are stepping up during these challenging times with the opportunity to better connect with those looking for more joy in their lives.


1. Personal Innovation Favorite: LEGO's ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign encourages adults to wind down with play, music, and of course LEGO.

2. People are actively seeking joy, play, and happiness to help them escape from today's challenges.

3. Done in an authentic way, brands will be able to turn potential consumers into a connected and playful community.

Read the full report here

Lego r and b

2. Brands Prioritising Accessibility & Inclusivity

Trend Summary

Brands are taking diversity seriously as they provide a platform for people with disabilities to express their voices and be seen. Driven by the development in the tech and gaming industries, the lack of disabled people on our screens and the accessibility within the physical world is changing and so is our inaccurate perception of disabilities.


1. Personal Innovation Favorite: Comic Sans and Dyslexia Scotland teamed up to reach out to designers to make their designs more inclusive in ‘There’s Nothing Comic About Dyslexia’ campaign. Aimed at designers educating them on the benefits of Comic Sans but also encouraging them to rethink their design decisions and be more inclusive in their typography choices.

The campaign is focused on addressing designers with clever puns and comical industry-specific jokes. With the aim to not make all designers use Comic Sans but instead to push for a more inclusive design mindset where more dyslexic fonts are explored.

2. Brands are using their influence to encourage others to be more inclusive and challenge perceptions of disabilities.

3. Inclusive brands are gaining the loyalty of people with disabilities by giving them a platform.

Read the full report here

©Comic Sans

3. Acting Generously and with Kindness

Trend Summary

Brands are exploring their influence and role within society and individuals' lives. As brands highlight kindness and generosity and encourage us to think more collectively as a society.

We can't help but wonder, are brands the ones pushing for society to be kinder or are they reacting to a trend before we are all aware of its existence?


1. Personal Innovation Favourite: Adidas and Arsenal expand their 'No More Red' knife crime campaign by taking the red out of the Arsenal football kit and awarding them to volunteers who they believe are making a positive difference in the community.

The kit is only worn by those who fully reflect the campaign and their community, which in turn continues the positive influence on young people.

2. Brands are acting as role models by encouraging people to be more generous.

3. Brands are positively influencing their communities to reflect the brand's values.

Read the full report here

Arsenal header 3

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We are looking towards what trends 2024 will uncover!

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