Experiences We Love - November 2019

In this month's Experiences We Love, we'll be celebrating some amazing experiences created by others, from Glossier's hotly-anticipated London pop-up, to Porsche's futuristic showroom and a high-end parfumerie from French fashion brand Celine.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 28. 11. 2019
Glossier hero
© Glossier


The second London pop-up from make-up brand Glossier opened in Covent Garden last week and it proves that more can indeed be more. We were first in line on opening day to take a look.

What we love

They’re doing it for the gram. The pop-up is filled with Instagrammable moments, from floor-to-ceiling flower prints inspired by its location on Floral Street, to a pretty pink rooftop that pays homage to London’s skyline. Prepare to see this popping up on your social feeds over the next few weeks.

It’s immersive. Inspired by traditional British members clubs, the pop-up store features a series of rooms to explore, with hidden nooks and secret doors for customers to discover.

Glossier Michelle close up
our associate director of strategy, michelle, just had to get a pink house selfie


A futuristic showroom from Porsche has opened in Seoul, offering more than just cars.

What we love

The design. The space resembles a lifestyle store more than a car showroom, feeling homely with its use of natural materials and furnishings. Digital ambient screens also add to the relaxing atmosphere.

It tells the brand story. Visitors can learn about Porsche's brand history through an ‘Interactive Heritage Wall’ and a display cabinet filled with racing vehicles.

It elevates the car-buying experience. Staff roles focus on different aspects of the purchasing process - Porsche Pros give product information and schedule test drives, Porsche Studio Consultants design bespoke vehicles and Porsche Studio Host & Digital Specialists take on customer services. There’s an option to customise cars at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur corner using augmented reality clay models.

Porsche aren't the only ones reinventing the showroom - our work with automotive brands such as Rockar and Volkswagen has also changed the car buying experience.

© SSCL Stuttgart sports cars ltd

Celine Haute Parfumerie boutique

With the launch of Celine’s Haute Parfumerie collection comes a brand new store in Paris dedicated to the range.

What we love

The striking design. Hedi Slimane has certainly put his mark on Celine. Beyond the dark facade are black and white marble walls contrasted with warm wooden furniture and glass and mirrored displays - this fragrance buying experience is just as much about the visuals as it is about the scent.

The visual merchandising. The fragrance line sits on mirrored surfaces that stretch up towards the shop’s ceiling for a dramatic effect - the display itself is a work of art.

Our recent work with Molton Brown also shows how the fragrance buying experience is evolving.

© celine


H&M opens a store in Berlin dedicated to experience.

What we love

There’s plenty to do, not just buy. The store will contain a small, curated collection of clothing. But there’s also yoga classes, a cafe with a garden and space for other brands. As people are spending more on experience over possessions, there’s a chance we’ll be seeing more H&Ms like this opening in other locations.

It feels exclusive. The Berlin store feels like a boutique - it’s about a fifth of the size of regular H&M stores and features a limited collection of clothing selected to appeal to local tastes, catering for the few not the many.

HM berlin
© H&M

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