2019 - A Year in Review

2020 is fast approaching but before we enter the new decade, we're taking a look back on our work and thinking in 2019.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 17. 12. 2019
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As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to look back on some of our highlights of 2019 at D&P. We’ve worked on exciting projects, shared our views in a number of opinion pieces and covered the latest trends across several industries. We’ve also been evolving as an agency, making sure we’re always ready to help our clients create the most engaging and successful brands in the world. This has led to some exciting changes, including new website upon which we look forward to sharing more of our work and opinions in the new year and a refreshed agency proposition. For now, here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing things we got up to in 2019:


In June, the doors to Boots’ Covent Garden flagship opened, unveiling our new concept for the high street favourite. With the health & beauty industry growing and consumer expectations shifting, Boots saw an opportunity to position themselves as the go-to destination for beauty lovers. Revamped beauty halls that rival those of department stores greet shoppers as they enter the store. The wellness department upstairs features Boots’ biggest range to date. The pharmacy and opticians have also been reinvented to create a more inviting, relaxing environment. The concept has begun to roll out across the UK.

Boots Beauty

D&P Loves Beauty 2.0

Two years ago we launched our D&P Loves Beauty series, a collection of thought pieces on the beauty industry. This year we returned to exploring the world of beauty, alongside working on numerous projects with beauty brands, to learn about the latest trends in the ever-evolving sector. In this series sequel, we looked at offline experiences, CBD, sustainability and more.

DP Loves Beauty asset

Molton Brown

We reimagined Molton Brown’s store experience, creating a sensorial destination that brings fragrance to the forefront. Customers are invited to discover Molton Brown’s scents at the Fragrance Bar, a modular platform that showcases the brand’s entire range of Eaux de Parfum and Eaux de Toilette. Projected onto the Fragrance Bar is the Fragrance Finder - an interactive digital tool that matches a signature scent to an individual’s personality. The brand’s story is also weaved throughout the space and the concept pays homage to Molton Brown’s ‘70s heritage whilst marking the start of a new direction.

Molton Brown copy

Why’s it so hard to shop fragrance?

Our work with Molton Brown led Michelle Bower, our Associate Director of Creative Strategy, to wonder what makes finding the right fragrance so difficult. In this insightful thought piece, she dives into the reasons behind why it’s so hard to shop for the perfect scent.


Roe & Co

In the Summer, Diageo’s contemporary whiskey brand Roe & Co opened its new distillery to visitors in Dublin. We created a multifunctional retail hub that acts as the threshold for distillery tours. Blending retail with hospitality, the inviting space provides the perfect introduction and culmination of the tour. Developing the customer journeys to cater to various audiences, we created an area complete with a ticketing desk, relaxing lounge, lively bar and cocktail stations where customers can craft their perfect drink according and take home their own cocktail kit in D&P-designed packaging.

Roe & Co packaging

Six food experience trends to watch

Like many industries, the food sector is subject to quickly changing trends and new technology. We took a look at the new experience trends in food, from sophisticated food courts and robot restaurants to educational experiences and theatrical spaces.

Johnnie Walker Madrid


Brand purpose has become more important than ever before in 2019. We created a purpose-led concept for Timberland that highlights the brand’s sustainability credentials and serves as the model for new stores globally moving forward. With the brand’s London flagship moving from Regent Street to Carnaby Street, it was the perfect time to unveil the fresh concept and deliver a unique experience to the brand’s urban customers. Filled with living greenery and stories of the brand’s eco-friendly initiatives, the concept fuses nature with fashion.

Timberland Carnaby storywell table

Five future predictions for the DTC brands of today

The rise of DTC (direct to consumer) brands over the last few years has led to companies re-examining how they do business, from how and where they sell products to their relationships with customers. At the same time, DTC brands have been evolving and even starting to look like more traditional brands. In this opinion piece, Marketing & Business Development Director, David Wright, made five future predictions for today’s DTC brands.

Casper mattress

Experience is not a one-off moment

To coincide with the launch of our refreshed agency proposition and website, we shared our perspective on brand experience. At D&P, we believe brand experience is everything that connects you with your customers - an ecosystem made up of a series of collective interactions rather than a one-off event. Our Strategy Director, Paul West, shares the pillars that construct the brand experience ecosystem in this thought piece. Stay tuned for more pieces from our Perspective series coming in the new year.

Perspective 01

It sure has been a busy year, so it’s been great to pick up some awards for our work along the way. Eobuwie won a Drum Design Award, Knight Frank won four golds and one bronze at the UK Customer Experience Awards and The Shop at Bluebird and Johnnie Walker Madrid were awarded for design excellence and execution at RDI’s International Design Competition and both took home trophies at the Shop! Design Awards.

All that’s left to say is a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at D&P. Here’s to 2020 and the new decade!

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