Knight Frank wins four golds at CXAs

We’re pleased to announce that Knight Frank has won four golds and one bronze at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2019, becoming the most decorated entrant of the night.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 06. 11. 2019
Knight Frank Customer Experience Awards

Knight Frank – the world’s largest independent property consultancy – enlisted Dalziel & Pow to transform its customer experience across its UK residential business, empower its staff and better engage with its wider audiences.

The customer engagement programme has been awarded with four golds and one bronze at the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards.

We have been working with the real estate business over the past three years, conducting market research, mystery shopping and stakeholder interviews to help them undertake the key strategic shift towards a more CX-focussed offering.

Knight Frank’s dedication to customer experience has been awarded with the following:

  • Winner (Gold) of Customer at the Heart of Everything Award
  • Winner (Gold) of Customer at the Heart of Everything for the Professional Services Industry Award
  • Winner (Gold) of Employees at the Heart of Everything Award
  • Winner (Gold) of Customer Experience Training Award
  • Bronze for Team of the Year Award

The UK Customer Experience Awards (which celebrate their 10th anniversary this year) are recognised as the biggest CX event of its kind in the world. The awards identify, ‘Inspiring organisations who are striving to enhance the customer experience in many innovative ways.’ The UKCXA is accredited with the prestigious Gold Awards Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council.

The awards are open to all sectors (not just real estate) and have many notable entrants, including, SKY, BT, Legal & General, Three and Direct Line to name a few. Knight Frank was the only real estate business to reach the finals.

Andrew Hay, Global Head of Residential at Knight Frank: “We are honoured to have been identified and rewarded by the UK Customer Experience Awards 2019 – it has truly exceeded our expectations. I would like to thank and congratulate our teams on all their hard work, strategic guidance and passion.”

“In 2016, it became apparent that the face of the traditional estate agency was changing, and we had to adapt and evolve. Through a large customer engagement programme it became clear that a personalised CX experience was at the forefront for our customers and employees, both face-to-face and through a tailored digital experience.

“The last two years have seen our business make huge strides in our CX offering through an internal program named ‘CX121’. The programmes key focus is ensuring exceptional care throughout our client’s property lifecycle, be it from their first rental property through to downsizing in later life – and everything in-between including, mortgages, removals, refurbishments, holiday homes and property management. There is a human element to property that is often overlooked – and this should not be the case.”

“I see this as the end of the beginning for the ‘CX121’ project journey, these awards identify the first steps, the identification of the need, the strategy and the start of the delivery process, with the programme continuing to develop as the business and markets move forward.”

We’ll have more to share on this project in the coming months.

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