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Molton Brown
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The Challenge

Molton Brown has long been a pioneer in fragrance, working collaboratively with both established and contemporary perfumers to develop unique scents. However, it wasn’t something the brand was known for; its stores were set up to mainly focus on its bath and beauty range. With shifting trends, a constantly evolving market and over 2,000 scents launched in the industry each year, Molton Brown needed to make significant changes if it was going to realise its ambition to become a leader in fragrance.

The Solution

After getting to know Molton Brown as a brand with a unique point of view on creating scents for individuals, we reimagined the store experience by creating a sensorial destination that brings fragrance to the forefront. We defined a concept of ‘Curious by Nature’, inviting customers to discover Molton Brown’s scents from the moment they step into the store with a digital scent-matching experience. The brand’s story is woven throughout the space to connect and engage with visitors and the concept pays homage to the brand’s ’70s heritage whilst marking the start of a new direction.

The Fragrance Bar

At the entrance of the store is the interactive Fragrance Bar designed to showcase Molton Brown’s entire range of Eaux de Parfum and Eaux de Toilette. The bar is hand-painted with a marble effect in the brand’s signature heritage-green. The modular design of the Fragrance Bar is able to support additional products as the range grows and the circular form makes the complete collection accessible for customers to experiment with and explore.

Digital fragrance-matching

We built the Fragrance Finder - a digital tool that matches users with a scent based on their personality - into Molton Brown’s website and projected it on to the Bar for customers to tap and discover their perfect fragrance. The tool can be used both in-store and at home and we developed a standalone app to allow access across any device, including iOS and Android. This new platform allows for the Fragrance Finder questions to be easily updated, new products to be added and relevant locale to be changed. Store and concession assistants can synchronise content on their device in real-time, allowing the app to run effectively offline if needed to mitigate any connectivity issues. The broader network also allows for the collection of data, such as customer insights.

Honouring heritage

The new concept puts a contemporary twist on Molton Brown's ’70s heritage and original salon in Mayfair’s South Molton Street. Tactile materials reminiscent of the era are used in the store’s design and ’70s inspired ornaments and details can be found throughout.

A place to relax

Visitors can enjoy a complimentary hand & arm massage at the marble sink, which can be covered over to transform the demo station into a sleek surface for drinks, perfect for the transition from day-time store to night-time event space.

The Library

Past the Fragrance Bar is the Library of collections, designed to display products extending high up the wall and creating a sense of retail theatre. Collections are arranged by fragrance, resulting in colour-coded sections that allow for intuitive shopping.

VIP treatment

Tucked discreetly at the back, a cocooning VIP alcove - which can be reserved for personal fragrance consultations or special events - is decadently lit by a contemporary chandelier, where guests can recline on the heritage-green velvet booth and enjoy refreshments from the drinks cabinet.

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Retail Design Institute
Class of 2019 and Innovation Awards in Customer Experience, Fixturing and Visual Merchandising

What our client says

Our new vision celebrates the past and the future. We honour our ‘70s heritage, British eccentricity and the truly inspirational story of our beginnings on South Molton Street. At the same time, it’s a reinvention of traditional customer experiences; positioning human connection and feelings to the forefront. We transform the retail journey with interactive and sensorial moments, creating memorable and meaningful relationships with our customers for years to come.” Beatrice Descorps
Global Vice President, Marketing, Molton Brown

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