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The Challenge

Becoming a parent isn’t easy. Mamas & Papas knows this. It’s why their ambition is to become the world’s favourite nursery brand and give new parents the confidence to navigate the tricky world of parenting. We were asked to create a store environment complete with caring communications and digital touches that reflects their goals and differentiates their brand.

Mamas & Papas store

The Solution

Created with millennials in mind, this digitally enhanced store concept is designed to inspire and support young families. As most parents will visit the store on a particular shopping mission, the interior is organised into ‘worlds’ based around what they are likely to be looking for. There are also considered details – from a flexible space hosting parenting events for the community to private feeding and changing rooms.

Three worlds

The store begins with a fashion boutique, featuring curated product bundles named ‘bundles of joy’. In Travel, a raft of engaging tools promotes products in this key category and demystifies choices for parents-to-be. The Home section transports parents to their perfect nursery using domestic-style room sets covering ‘sleeping’, ‘bathing’, ‘feeding’ and ‘playing’, with take-away postcards for discovering the full product range, and helpful tips placed among the displays.

Interactive fun

Children can play with a digital measuring booth, matching up their size to a cast of animal characters. This can be used to measure clothing sizes as well as to check height and weight for car seats.

A calming space

Slow, animated wall projections bring a soft touch of technology to the space.

With mothers in mind

Throughout the store are thoughtful touches for new or expectant mothers; comfortable seating areas, private changing and feeding rooms and a dedicated Personal Shopping area. Here, customers can have one-to-one consultations, create a product wish list and learn about products while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Tailoring a local boutique

Following the success of Mamas & Papas Westfield, we also created a small format boutique for the brand. Part showroom and part community space, this flexible destination houses an edit of leading products alongside workshops and fitness classes.

A curated edit

One Four Four's product selection is curated to suit the small-scale format, with the full range available to shop digitally in-store.

Mamas & Papas interior design


Retail Week Interiors Awards 2017
Best High Street Store
Shop! Design Awards 2017
Softline Specialty Store 3,001-7,500 sqft category
VMSD Retail Renovation Competition 2017
Honourable Mention
Retail Design Institute’s Class of 2016

What our client says

As part of our turnaround strategy, the opening of this flagship store reaffirms Mamas & Papas' position as the market-leading nursery brand, inspiring confidence among new and existing customers.” Jonathon Fitzgerald, CEO, Mamas & Papas

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