The Guinness Pavilions

The story of Guinness's four ingredients through an immersive, temporary installation

Guinness Storehouse
What we did:
Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, Brand Homes & Destinations, Pop-ups & Activation
The Guinness Storehouse Dublin
What we did
Experience strategy & ideation, Experience design, Customer experience, Communication design

Bringing to life the vision and ingredients of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, with a magical experience of conceptual installations.

Where the vision and ingredients story of Guinness are brought to life.

Aligning closely with Diageo’s sustainability principles, each pavilion is designed to be repurposed for future exhibitions, supporting a story that will continue to grow.

From larger than life floating yeast cells to the flowing rivers of the Wicklow Mountains, journey through suspended pavilions of home-grown Irish barley, and towering rows of Irish hops. Embark on a journey that tells the story of the perfect Guinness brew, from nature, all the way to you.

Inspired by the feeling of being dwarfed by nature, the experience immerses the senses - diving deeper into the four simple ingredients of Guinness whilst experiencing the brands magical character.

Transporting you from the Storehouse concourse through a portal of impactful storytelling, fly posters take over the entire stairwell and entrance as you begin your journey through to the exhibition space.

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