Shoppers Drug Mart

Providing accessible healthcare for every Canadian

Shoppers Drug Mart
What we did:
Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Design, Communications Design, Customer Experience Strategy, Retail Formats Design

The Challenge:

To help Shoppers Drug Mart redefine their Pharmacy and Care Clinic offer by bringing the two together in one space that feels welcoming and accessible to all.

We have redesigned a number of the existing features within the space to create a seamless set of healthcare services, such as drop-off lockers, and prescription refill counters while integrating the PC Health app into the space to facilitate smooth and personalised clinic visits.

Our new and evolved brand identity for Shoppers Health + encompasses our overall mission to provide accessible healthcare for every Canadian. We’ve delivered this throughout the space in a human and relatable way through conversational moments and services that allow you to feel cared for.

We’re dedicated to helping brands make meaningful connections with people.

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