Guinness Storehouse


The story of the four simple ingredients that go into Guinness, brought to life through a series of sensory installations in the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

The 4 simple ingredients of Guinness are brought to life as a world of magical installations, each with its own personality, and story to tell. It was important to get the right balance of showstopper scale, drama and art, with human scale tactility and a focus on people. The 800 sqm space needed to become a must see for Dubliners and international visitors alike, engaging and inspiring up to 1000 visitors per hour.

“A porter brewer buys none but the best as none else will answer” – Arthur Guinness

We created an experience that allowed visitors to leave the busy world behind and transition through an immersive tunnel, hand crafted from beautiful brass, and find themselves in rural Ireland, where the weather is dramatic and changeable. A large LED screen sits above the Barley playing content of the sky with ever changing weather.

40,000 bunches of Barley, sourced with care from a farm in Co. Laois

Visitors experience a journey through nature, innovative technologies, handcrafted elements, natural materials, bespoke scents and soundtracks, in a sensory world that ‘only Guinness could do’

A world first epic 14 metre curved water curtain

A series of magical installations brought together through spirit and ambition, by dedicated makers and creators striving to bring the magic to life with craft, creativity and ingenuity

It's in our nature

You feel immersed in a microscopic world of yeast cells, given special insight into a usually invisible ingredient you’ve never been able to see up-close before.

"This is game changing for how we deliver experiences" – Catherine Keegan, Guinness Storehouse

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