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The story of the four simple ingredients that go into Guinness, brought to life through an visceral, sensory installation

Guinness Storehouse
What we did:
Customer Experience Strategy, Communications Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Omnichannel Strategy & Journeys, Brand Homes & Destinations, Digital Content

The Challenge

To create a world class sensory and immersive experience that tells the story of the 4 simple ingredients used to create Guinness.

“A porter brewer buys none but the best as none else will answer” Arthur Guinness always believed in using the best quality ingredients, and Guinness continues this commitment today protecting the future source of their quality ingredients.

The Concept

The 4 simple ingredients of Guinness are brought to life as a world of magical installations, each with its own personality, and story to tell. It was important to get the right balance of impressive scale, drama and art, with human scale tactility and a focus on people, making this an experience that ‘Only Guinness could do’.

You begin the journey with a sensory reset, leaving the busy world behind and transitioning through an immersive tunnel, hand crafted from beautiful brass and you discover a huge wraparound LED screen situated underneath a beautiful old textural barrel - these canvases seemlesly work together playing vibrant dramatic content.

A hand sculpted ‘mud wall’ which bring tactility and warmth and engages the visitor with Guinness regenerative agriculture pilot scheme.

You’re in rural Ireland, where the weather is dramatic and changeable. A large LED screen sits above the Barley playing content of the sky with ever changing weather, as the colours change from sunrise to sunset as does the Barley beneath it, creating a dramatic immersive feel to the space.

A huge 14 metre curved water curtain wraps the space, imagery of the Wicklow Mountains is projected as a dramatic backdrop for key facts about the water source and it’s usage, all printed using water, it is magical and unique.

You feel as though you have entered a forest, with light reaching you between the tall plants. A mix of tall totem screens with animated content showing the growth stages of a hops plant, soft transparent fabrics with imagery of hops slowly moving in the breeze, layered with a canopy installation of planting creates layering, shadows and texture.

Guinness Yeast is unique and it is therefore stored in liquid nitrogen, we wanted to represent this in a space fully dedicated to telling the story of this special ingredient. You enter in to a bright space flooded with light and mist from cold storage, shifting from nature to a modern, scientific lab. You feel immersed in a microscopic world of yeast cells, given special insight into a usually invisible ingredient you’ve never been able to see up-close before.

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