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What we did:
Customer Research & Profiling, Experience Strategy & Ideation, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Communications Design

The Challenge

To redefine and create a new global concept, true to the brand's DNA while enhancing the levels of service, experience and personalisation.

The approach & solution

We’re been partnering with Pandora on their latest global store concept since 2021, working with the brand on the definition, development, and refinement to create their new Evoke 2.0 concept.

This new global concept has been defined and created to be true to the brand DNA while making the shopping experience more intuitive, and improving the speed of service to enable customers to explore, find, and try products more easily. This is alongside adding new levels of personalisation into the experience.

Pandora is built on the concept of personalization and the idea that you can tell your story through your jewelry. We now want to bring personalization to all customer touchpoints and create a unique shopping experience. We look forward to seeing our customers as they explore the new store concept together with us” Martino Pessina
Chief Commercial Officer, Pandora

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