Maharishi Ayurveda

A holistic approach to the original wellness brand

Maharishi Ayurveda
What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Design, Communications Design, Digital Content

The challenge

Ayurveda is 5000 years old and it translates as “science of life” in Sanskrit and Maharishi means “great seer”. Our challenge was to help customers see the holistic health benefits of this East meets West philosophy and science.

Our approach & solution

Working closely with Maharishi Ayurveda-trained Doctors, Meditation practitioners, and Vedic experts, we set out to design a tangible and relatable expression of this ancient wisdom to better serve and appeal to modern needs.

Key insight: Ayurveda is broad and all-encompassing, beneficial for both prevention and cure, but can feel overwhelming to a novice.

We redesigned the identity and created a Brand World of assets to engage modern audiences. Building on the Ayurvedic principles of connectivity and balance, the new identity is a series of interconnected elements that can layer, combine and scale, alongside brand assets including a new contemporary wordmark, monogram, and an illustrative heritage marque.

The Brand World of assets now sets the direction for the brand across all its channels, communication, and experiences. With the brand now coming to life consistently and creatively across digital channels, product innovation and packaging, as well as retail, education, and health services.

Key shift: Reframe Ayurveda for modern life.

From our client

With such an incredibly rich heritage and purpose, Maharishi Ayurveda needed a partner who could create a new Brand expression that delivers on our depth and deep heritage whilst being accessible to today’s wellness consumer. Working with the team at D&P is incredibly enjoyable and immersive and the results go beyond a cosmetic lift and affect deep behavioural change. Dalziel & Pow are steeped in delivering real-life experiences and their DNA successfully blends the Why with the How.” Jonathon Fitzgerald,
CEO & President, Maharishi Ayurveda

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