Asteri Beauty

Arabian female-founded beauty brand, a star is born

Asteri Beauty
What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Design, Communications Design, Packaging, Art Direction, Branding & Storytelling, Digital Interaction, UX & UI

The challenge

To create a brand that is deeply rooted in a sense of place, born in Arabia, proud to shine on the global beauty stage. Created by, and for, the modern Arab woman. Respectful and inspired by where we’ve come from, excited for where we’ll go together.

Our approach & solution

Inspired by the founder Sara Al Rashed, we defined and created the brand that reflected her eclectic, creative personality, celebrating uniqueness and capturing her trailblazing spirit, but also the importance of sisterhood. “My idea of a modern tribe or sisterhood is like looking at the stars –if you get closer to them, they all look different, but from a distance, they become brighter as a collective.” We have conversations, we amplify voices, and we ask ‘why not’? We want to inspire people to be their most authentic selves. Beauty and makeup rituals and expertise have deep roots in the Middle East, and we are proud that our strategy inspired the brand to lead a new makeup movement with the creation of ‘A-Beauty’. Asteri is proud to present Arab Beauty on the global stage and to help pave the way for future A-Beauty players.

Brand identity

The logo marks are clever pairings of both Roman and Arabic character forms, with an intentionally strong personality and style that reflects the brand design principle of ‘stand out trailblazers’.

D&P’s vision of ‘Sisters Under The Stars’ has been the north star, to define and create the brand identity, narrative, assets, website, and pop-up shop. This vision has inspired, unified and informed every stakeholder and brand touchpoint along the journey.

Brand Palette

The brand palette is inspired by who Asteri is and what the collective believes in. The muted Saudi desert tones and punctuated rich brights are expansive and eclectic enough to mix and match but still are recognisably Asteri. The brand toolkit is rich in heritage and personality yet with a creative, contemporary aesthetic. Positioned in the luxury market, but also challenging standard luxury codes.

Iconography also celebrates the different facets of strong Arabian women, with further inspiration from the hand-painted tattoos of traditional Bedouin tribes. These unique and interpretative shapes have adorned and celebrated our 'Sisters Under The Stars' for generations.


A family of eclectic, vibrant and playful packaging was created, each product and carton with it’s own character and narrative, individually unique but better together, standing boldly as trailblazers in a sea of same same. Boxes are canvasses for storytelling - stories are revealed as layers are opened, constellation patterns, poetry and iconography work together to add depth and personality. Product naming is all inspired directly by the brand purpose, vision and values to create an all-star A-List line up of icons such as ‘Legacy Lipstick (inspired by trailblazing sisters), HERizon Eye Liner (celebrating the famous eye category in the region), and Supermassive Black Kohl (a playful link to the stars).

Arabic Motif

The ‘Sisters Under The Stars’ motif drew inspiration from decorative calligraphic Arabic art and was styled after the stamp of the Saudi Arabian founder’s ring, representing an invitation to women everywhere to join the Asteri constellation.

Visual Poetry

We’ve also been inspired by the visual poetry and oral histories of those who have defied convention and passed their wisdom down through timeless poems, words and ideas. Visual ‘concrete poetry’ and constellation star charts framed our brand statements and poems by conveying emotive, thoughtful beauty. Thoughtfulness, care and intention runs through every product - all are vegan and cruelty-free, with clean and ‘desert-proof’ formulations. As a collaborative team in partnership with our ambitious clients, we have embodied and truly lived the Asteri brand values. Namely: we are a sisterhood, we are illuminating, we are spirited.

An All-Star Launch

Asteri was launched exclusively in Vogue Arabia, teased with unboxed products and hosted within an immersive brand experience. A-list make-up artists, beauty experts and sisters under the stars gathered to discover and share their A-beauty interpretations. Guests enjoyed their personal introduction to the brand, with exclusive personalised products, iconic Asteri henna tattoos and irresistible branded photo opportunities.

Asteri Founder, Sara Al Rashed

Founder Sara Al Rashed explains the importance of encouraging women to support each other through sisterhood,

I realised that there wasn’t a brand that represented the modern Arab woman who doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypes. Asteri is inspired by strong Arab women, who are always pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars.” Sara Al Rashed

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