Your Beauty BFF!

Creating a brand identity, experience, and digital platform for a new Indian beauty brand

We worked with the team at Reliance to create Tira, a new brand for beauty enthusiasts across India that provides a seamless, supportive and personalised beauty experience. We developed an omnichannel experience to help customers easily discover trending products, have access to professional advice, and create a platform for a growing community of beauty enthusiasts. With a curated library of the best global and Indian home-grown brands, Tira continues to attract a growing following, becoming the go-to destination for all things beauty – Tira your beauty BFF.

"We aim to break down barriers in the beauty space and democratize beauty" – Isha Ambani, Executive Director Reliance Retail

Inspired by the goddess Rati, who symbolises love, passion, and beauty, we ensured that the new brand would speak and behave in a way that resonated with diverse Indian audiences. Therefore we created a brand, tone of voice, and experience that signals Tira is here to be your companion, for every day, every mood, every you.

As part of our strategic positioning, we developed three pillars core to Tiras personality: Clear, On the pulse, and Playful. These pillars manifest themselves across the brand, in our communications and identity, environment, service design and online, celebrating each individual and helping them to discover the beautiful feeling of something new.


Within the spaces of Tira, each destination focuses on incorporating curated services and the best-in-class consumer experiences provided by highly trained beauty advisors, allowing for journeys of playful discovery. The unique experience helps to create customised looks and inspires you to explore and express your own idea of beauty; with graphic communications that have a broad, inclusive appeal. Tira is their Beauty BFF - accessible yet aspirational beauty.

We’re dedicated to helping brands make meaningful connections with people.

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