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Experiences we love – June 19

Inside this month’s Experiences we love is a CBD store offering a dose of calm, Aldi’s launch in China and two digitally-driven experiences in Tokyo.

Standard Dose

Those looking for some calm in New York can head to Standard Dose, a three-storey space specialising in CBD-based products.

Standard Dose
© Standard Dose

What we love

The calming experience. Standard Dose is dedicated to wellness which shows in everything from the products on offer to the design of the space. Inside the store is a Mediterranean-inspired space to lounge around in. Pale colours and natural light make for a relaxing atmosphere. There are also daily yoga and meditation classes and a tea bar.

It’s educating customers. The brand hosts educational workshops in store and has a CBD FAQ on their website to inform customers about the substance. We recently explored CBD’s impact on the beauty industry and discussed the need for more transparency and education from brands using the ingredient.


The supermarket chain opens its first stores in China with two pilots in Shanghai.

© Aldi

What we love

The design. Brick walls, exposed ceilings, and graphics throughout the stores make it look far more fashionable than Aldi’s usual branches. They’re also smaller than most Aldis as Chinese consumers prefer to shop for groceries in smaller stores multiple times throughout the week.

The tech. To keep up with China’s food retailers, the Shanghai Aldis offer an app through which customers can scan products, pay, and skip the checkout lines.

Old and new offerings. The stores stock some of Aldi’s own brands like European wine and beer as well as local items – an appealing mix for shoppers. Customers can also grab meals at Aldi’s first ever on-site Food Station to eat in-store or take away.


Lush’s new Tokyo store is the brand’s biggest flagship store in Asia and a digitally-driven bath bomb haven.

Lush Tokyo
© Lush

What we love

The use of tech. There are minimal signs or labels for the products inside Lush’s Shinjuku outlet. Instead, information will be shown through digital screens and video projections. Shoppers can also download the Lush Labs app to scan products for more details which they can view in 4 different languages. This reduces the need for signage and packaging – an environmentally friendly initiative Lush is committing to in its stores around the world. With the app, customers can also scan products in the shop window at any time of day to order the item to be delivered to their door.

The interactivity. Throughout the store is interactive art for shoppers to play with, such as a drum kit made up of shower jellies. When customers pick up certain products to inspect them, audio clips play.


The Chinese streetwear brand opens up a store in Tokyo that sends visitors on a hunt for the ‘host’ of the house.

© Hipanda

What we love

It’s immersive. The space uses AR (augmented reality) and AE (augmented experience) technology for a unique experience. Shoppers can download the app and search around the store for hidden creatures.

The design. The interiors are modern, making use of digital screens, mirrors, moving lights and a monochrome palette to create a unique space that manages to stand out in Tokyo’s exciting retail scene.

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