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Euroshop 2014: our highlights

We’ve recently returned from Euroshop where we saw a lot of innovation in materials and the use of technology on show. Here are ten highlights for you to view…


Schweitzer – interactive sound installation

Collaborating with sound artist Malu Peeters and media artist Jaqueline Rommerts, Austrian shopfitter Schweitzer created the sound installation ‘The Sound of the Soul’ in a bid to relax and slow down Euroshop visitors. They were encouraged to don a pair of headphones that were plugged into a series of 14 sound boards, each with a visual composition of porcelain plates, and prompt the plates to ‘sing’ with the use of drumsticks.



Atelier 522 – house lights down, spotlight up!

With the sheer scale of Euroshop it is often hard to see the wood from the trees, but Atelier 522 cut through the crowd with good old fashioned simplicity. The dark lighting of the stand was well executed, drawing attention to a spotlit, rustic wooden table covered in postcards and a large lightbox wall that featured imagery printed on uncoated paper. A clean approach, which created an effective stand experience.


LK-AG – projecting confidence

A white high-level blockwork wall on LK-AG’s stand acted as the foundation for projection mapping. The creative digital agency projected content controlled from interactive kiosks that additionally offered a tour of its latest work, adding to the experience and enhancing customer confidence in their digital capabilities.


D’art Design Gruppe – Undo

Known as DART, the German agency created a beautifully constructed wooden stand, featuring clean lines and neat detailing based on the company’s 2014 motto, Undo. The agency told its story via iPads and QR codes, which had been scattered around the stand and was reinforced further by a central interactive stamping system for visitors.


HugLock – neat idea with plenty of potential

In amongst the impressive stand designs created by world-class agencies, we discovered the brilliant product, HugLock. Headquartered in Latvia, the company offers a simple yet solid connection system operating on the basis of a simple twist-lock mechanism. Durable and sustainable, we think this product has a lot of potential.


Vizona – exploring changeability

Vizona opted for the theme of ‘Changeability’ to showcase their shopfitting expertise in Düsseldorf. With an exterior made of metal and wood, the stand used transparency, movement and angularity as well as the interplay of light and shadow to generate excitement. The sheer scale and striking nature of this stand had us standing in awe (well, also because our stand was situated next door).


Visplay – stack ’em high

Visplay, one of Vizona’s sister companies, created an equally impressive stand asthetic under the theme ‘Innovation’. The stand, structured into three areas, was made-up of white semi-transparent plastic stacking boxes and was primarily lit from the ground-up, allowing silhouettes to filter through. We liked this because of its simple yet effective presence.

Photo: Henning Stein, eveosblog

Riis – honest simplicity

Stand simplicity was a major theme this year and Riis’s stand was no exception. Creating an architectural statement, long stems of timber were held together in an ‘honest’, non-mechanical fashion and were adorned with lightboxes, which featured informative QR codes and highlighted brand statements.


Sonic Chair & Sonus – “We definitely want one”

Soundbuoy, launched at this year’s Euroshop by Sonic Chair and Sonus, had one of our project leaders utterly sold. A comfortable chair with built-in surround-sound speakers and a laptop connected to a pair of high-tech video glasses allows the user to sit completely immersed by visuals. We are fascinated by consumer interaction with technology and Soundbuoy certainly got our attention.


Elevender – element of surprise

Elevender’s ‘spectacle presentation and storage system with electronic control’ caught our eye because it brings an element of surprise and engages the user, unlike typical store fixtures. The display rotates products to allow the user to browse or locate specific items with ease, equally offering optimum merchandise presentation for retailers.


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