Zaha Hadid designs fresh take on the Billboard

Apparently Zaha Hadid has designed the worlds worst Billboard. Perhaps this is a little unfair, I'd say this could be the Worlds best organic, shiny billboard ever.

Lewis mitchell headshot
By Lewis Mitchell
Posted 23. 01. 2015

Apparently Zaha Hadid has designed the worlds worst Billboard: http://gizmodo.com/zaha-hadid-has-designed-the-worlds-worst-billboard-1666975176 Perhaps this is a little unfair, I’d say this could be the Worlds best organic, shiny billboard ever. Plus with all those curves it will keep the poster boys busy glueing up the advertising for ages – more jobs to help the economy.

I must say from visiting the V&A exhibit which doesn’t look anything like the render and experiencing serious vertigo/lack of atmosphere in the Aquatic centre at the olympics, I’m on the fence. But where do you stand on Zaha Hadid’s work? Does she intend to inflame polarising opinion on purpose? Do her employers know this and then hire her specifically for her news generating ability? Is she in on the joke that she’s not very good, like how Nicolas Cage recently revealed how he knows he’s a terrible actor but is very happy performing the job role? – http://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/jul/20/nicolas-cage-frozen-ground

JC Decaux Advertising Sculpture by Zaha Hadid Architects dezeen ban 300x168

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