Upcoming design trends at the Maison et Objet fair in Paris

Emily Pollich reviews the best of this year’s Maison et Objet fair in Paris, an event that offers an international platform for designers to exhibit their latest creations.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 13. 09. 2018
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The biannual Maison et objet design fair in Paris has come to an end. This five-day event offers an international platform for designers to exhibit and present their latest creations. Every season, global companies across a wide design spectrum, ranging from home décor to architecture and lifestyle culture, participate in this expansive fair. Maison et objet continues to effect and lead the design world by providing valuable insights into upcoming trends and is a major source of inspiration. This year it opened with 600 new exhibitors and we’ve done a short breakdown of our favourite trends.

Trends that stood out:

The busier the better

Vivid wallpaper with wild prints seems to be the new trend in interior design. We have already seen this trend in the real world (we loved how MatchesFashion’s townhouse covered in a hyper-fun banana wallpaper for the Prada collaboration – read more here.) Also, it seems like one pillow is no longer enough – 2019 is all about piling on the pillows and clashing them with an equally wonderful wallpaper.

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The power of lights

In addition to the patterned wallpaper, unusually shaped lights are set to be an essential upcoming component in interior design. From swirling mid-century inspired pendants to clean-lined Eastern lanterns, there was an abundance of fresh styles on display. These lights instantly transform the aesthetic of any room and were true show stoppers.

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Bringing the outside in

Next, we noticed a lot of nature being brought indoors. Having plants and trees inside created a fresh and calm vibe as well as bringing an ubandance of unique colour to lots of the spaces. Plants are not only aestheticly pleasing, but they also support the current health and environmental trends. Plants are good for our health as they absorb harmful chemicals, regulate humidity, stimulate creativity and relive stress. Maison et objet exhibited the concept of hanging lots of plants at different heights from the ceiling which created depth and gives the space a more interesting feel. Creating an indoor forest is also a great way to counterbalance hectic city life. You can read more on how we have created this courtyard feeling in the Shop at Bluebird in London.

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Be bold with colour

This year designers went really bold with colour. Fatboy® the Original has combined yellow, blue and grey with an all pink room, which actually works really well together and creates a purely joyous space. We love that this trend is a complete departure from the clean Scandi-influenced palette that has dominated interiors for so long.

Fatboy e1536845909516

Neon lights

Neon words and lights in stores and as home décor have been a trend for quite some time. But the Maison et objet fair has reassured us that this trend is far from over. Neon lights have the power to transform any room due to their colourful light and inspirational words.

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Munna e1536847240737


For someone who is less fond of crazy patterns and colourful interior design trends, the exhibition showed us that simplicity and white walls are still a timeless way of designing a space. What set the more minimalist spaces apart was the use of directional materials and dynamic silhouettes.

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Our top pick from the Maison et objet’s new talent show “Le Off”:

‘Land’ by Rapheal Navot at Galerie Duirne.

Rapheal Navot is know for his multidisciplinary designs and combining traditional and contemporary methods. He creates textures that are unique yet timeless by using natural, raw materials. In his Paris installation, Navot displays, amongst other things, hand-woven rugs that he interlaced with satellite images using linen, silk and wool. These satellite images display landscapes from all around the world ranging from Australia to Africa.

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