Unlocking the power of experiences

We ask ‘why?’ a lot, here at Dalziel & Pow we believe that asking ‘Why’ is the key to unlocking the power of experiences.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 15. 06. 2023
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‘Why’ is the key to unlocking the power of experiences, and vital for the creation of unique service design that adds value and builds a loyal fan base. Evolving expectations mean that we want more convenient and ‘frictionless’ experiences but there is an equally strong desire to make time and spaces to play, discover, meet, share or learn something new.

Brand spaces can fulfil that desire for deeper, more personal connections and, often, provide moments of true magic in the process. Not experience for experience’s sake, but through a considered journey, immersing people in a brand, its story, people, products and services. Why not?



A moment in time

Positioned at the heart of the Guinness Storehouse, where its historic 9,000-year lease document is showcased, the Store marks the start and completion of the tour. We were tasked with creating an experience as unique, impactful and immersive as the tour itself.

We defined the experience vision ‘A Moment In Time’ to celebrate key moments throughout the brand’s history. Radiating out from the heart of the space, super-scale curated VM displays are imagined as Iconic Chapters to celebrate key moments and allow customers to shop these stories.

A mezzanine has been reimagined as an experiential hub, where personalisation is a key focus, including a customisable glass engraving, which customers can pick up from interactive lockers.

Enveloping it all, two digital ‘curtains’, made up of 1,200 acrylic rods, wrap the space, providing a dynamic canvas for the digital content we created, and taking visitors on a visual journey through the brand’s history.

Screenshot 2023 06 13 at 12 08 05


A more personal journey

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox asked us to help them return to London by creating a new flagship store concept that embodies the brand’s values of quality, functionality, innovation, and iconic design. Bringing together the core elements of the Victorinox lifestyle and ethos, we’ve created a premium and engaging environment, with a core focus on immersing people in the brand’s products and stories.

A key element of this new experience is personalisation, where customers can select, build and personalise the iconic Swiss Army knife to create their perfect product. Working with in-store experts, customers can select their ultimate functionality, materiality and messaging to create their bespoke product.

ACE DP Twinings DSC1410


The home of discovery

We transformed Twinings historical store into a brand home that lets people immerse themselves in its unique story and products.

Sensory elements punctuate the space, including ‘Moments of Curiosity’, interactive displays and storytelling touch-points that bring to life the brand’s rich heritage, innovation, ethical sourcing and Blenders’ stories.

For an even more immersive experience, a tasting bar is surrounded by large-scale digital screens with content that provides a window to the tea plantations where Twinings source their botanicals. All this creates an atmospheric and relaxing environment that transports people to the product source just as they touch, smell and taste the tea.

Lastly, for a more intimate, personal experience of the world of Twinings,the basement has been transformed into a private tea-tasting bar where customers can book a masterclass or hold private events.

We believe asking why is the key to unlocking the power of experiences. Get in touch to discuss how we can help. We’d love to start a conversation hello@dalziel-pow.com

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