teamLab: Transcending Boundaries

This week we visited Transcending Boundaries, an interactive exhibition by teamLab, at Pace London. Read all about it here!

Alix Hope
By Alix Hope
Posted 13. 02. 2017
Trancending boundaries feature

This week, the Strategy Team visited Transcending Boundaries, an interactive exhibition by teamLab, at Pace London. The exhibition aims to show how ‘within the digital domain, art is able to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries’. This allows digital artworks to flow into one another, while interacting with people within the space.

Trancending boundaries02

When we walked into the first space, we were greeted by projections of light and pattern on the floor and walls. As we moved around, the projection moved with us, suggesting that the exhibition is forever unique as it changes depending on how many people are in the room, and where they’re standing. The end wall displayed falling water, giving a further impression of movement.

Trancending boundaries

We then moved through a bright white room, before we were given white scarves to wrap around us before entering the final room. The blinding white space was presumably there to give the last room more of an effect. On entering it was mostly dark, aside from some projected flowers that had started to gather around the people standing around. The longer we stood in one space, the more flowers grew around us, making it feel like the exhibition was living and breathing with us (even though it was very much a digital space!).

Trancending boundaries04

We were told we had five minutes in this room. It was definitely more interesting to watch the flowers fall around other people than try to see them on yourself – unfortunately the graphics weren’t very bright (our camera actually brought out the colour a lot better!), but it was still impressive to watch the flowers appear around the room.

Trancending boundaries03

Overall the exhibition was good in terms of full immersion, representing the shift towards bigger and better experiences in today’s world. Check out teamLab’s website for more interactive art. The exhibition takes place at Pace London, but is unfortunately sold out. You can sign up for tickets in case they release more, it’s clearly been very popular so far!


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