Stores we love – October 2016

Every month we take a look at the retail landscape and pick out the 'stores we love'. Here's our latest pick for October 2016. Read more.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 11. 2016
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We were back in New York last month, on a research trip with one of our clients, and as hoped we found an abundance of inspiring retail. From cool collaboration store with cereal café, to a space that believes in fashion and sweat therapy, brands are creating spaces to be seen in, not just to take products away from. Careful curation and consideration make this month’s pick of stores the ultimate brand billboards.

KITH/Nike pop-up – New York


New York lifestyle brand KITH teamed up with Nike for a temporary pop-up shop on Broadway. The idea for the 240sqm space at KITH’s Manhattan location is to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics and step back in time somewhat, with Nike Olympic products and installations, a customisation booth, limited edition Nike x KITH product and a KITH Treats cereal and ice cream café.

The pop-up opened in August and runs through to December, with a rotating inventory of exclusive footwear as well as some of Nike’s well saught-after archived products, vintage ads and memorabilia.

What we love:

How KITH mixes popular culture with nostalgia to create immersive experiences. The brand has understood its audience’s need for exclusivity and created a space that caters to multiple needs and desires. Although we’ve seen a cereal café in London, KITH’s version is much more unique and part of its brand DNA. Everything is carefully considered, with creations such as Air Max and Air Force cereal concoctions.


“Some kids can’t afford to buy an article of clothing every other week or every month, so they can leave with a taste,” says founder Ronnie Fieg.

The idea is to create a place customers can hang out for a few hours, rather than just browse for a few minutes.

Michelle, Strategy Lead at D&P said, “A space of spaces – an engaging non-linear customer journey with space to dwell, shop and hang out in each ‘zone’. As a non-sneaker, non-sporty person I wanted to be here, felt comfortable and excited to browse.” We were totally immersed.

SIX:02 at Footlocker – New York


Footlocker’s fashion fitness boutique SIX:02 also caught our eye. Offering women athletic-inspired style through a curated point of view, the store has been designed as a place to ‘take back some much-deserved time for yourself’.

The brand believes in “fashion and sweat therapy, and practicing artful self-expression 24-7”. The space celebrates the fusion of sneaker culture and the runway, and houses an edited selection of brands.

What we love:

How Footlocker is embracing the athleisure movement – the SIX:02 sub-brand gives them a platform to entice some of the most exclusive and saught-after boutique brands in this category, including Koral, Terez, Spiritual Gangster, Ivy Park and FENTY PUMA by Rihanna.

It shows great confidence to let the sub-brands and concessions take the limelight – and showcases a whole new side to Footlocker.

Intermix Retail Lab – New York


Intermix’s first concept store in the Meatpacking district is described as a creative retail lab, an ‘ultra-flexible, rotating concept store’. The Intermix team observes the customer behaviour in real time to understand what they love, what they ignore and what stories resonate with them, and then respond almost instantly. The space has the ability to be re-presented overnight and changed into a gallery or salon space within an hour.

What we love:

Bringing more than the fashion to life, Intermix uses the space as a canvas to highlight and tell stories of local designers, doing so in new and unexpected ways so there’s always something to learn or discover. This fluid and honest concept showcases local talent by giving the next generation a platform to be seen and heard. A dream opportunity for those looking to get noticed.

And a couple of things to look out for in London…

Rockar Jaguar Land Rover – Westfield, Stratford

Our latest concept aims to attract a wider brand and technology-focused customer base, introducing these brands to busy shopping centres alongside some of the best-known fashion brands in Europe.


Jigsaw St James’s Emporium – Piccadilly

Positioned in the heart of Piccadilly, our new flagship for Jigsaw has been given a premium treatment in tune with its iconic surroundings. One of the first stores to open in London’s landmark St James’s Market development, Jigsaw St James’s Emporium leads the luxury fashion pack.


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