Stores we love – March 2015

Dalziel and Pow's March release of stores we love from across the world. This month's selection includes Club Monaco, J Crew, Google, Camper and Selfridges.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 31. 03. 2015
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A month of interesting retail collaborations saw Club Monaco team up with Noma and architect Marko Brajovic bring carnival vibes to Camper. Selfridges’ remarkable gender re-evaluation also tops Stores We Love. Take a look at our pick…


Club Monaco x Noma Restaurant – Copenhagen

Nordic Michelin-starred restaurant Noma, located by the Christianshavn harbour, hosted Club Monaco’s pop-up for 18 days until March 13th. Those fortunate enough to experience the Canadian fashion retailer’s store were presented with woven art installations, hand-crafted wooden yurts and vintage furniture alongside the usual selection of books, clothing and accessories. The pop-up experience was topped off with a temporary cafe, where shoppers can enjoy a coffee and sweet treat after shopping.

J. Crew | Paris Store Opening

J Crew – Paris

J Crew has opened four London stores during 2013 and 2014, marking the start of its European expansion plans. The next “natural step”, according to J Crew’s CEO, was Paris, where it opened a 1,800sqft store during Paris Fashion Week in the chic Marais neighbourhood. The emporium underwent major renovations to preserve original building features such as a wooden store front, limestone walls and expansive sky-light before being filled with sequins, Breton stripes, sculptures and artworks by French artists. A men’s J Crew store is due to open later this year in the same neighbourhood.


Google – London

Google partnered with Curry’s PC World to open its first-ever branded Google Shop in central London earlier this month. The store has been designed to encourage play, experimentation and learning within a Google world – “from an incredible range of devices to a totally-connected, seamless online life,” says the UK marketing director. The space is similar to an Apple store, with products displayed on wooden tables and staff on-hand to help. Store installations include a large Google Earth wall for exploration and a wall of screens, where visitors can spray ‘paint’ to create digital graffiti.


Selfridges – London

Selfridges has launched a retail space stripped of gender directives under a new campaign called Agender, celebrating fashion without definition. Designed by Faye Toogood, metal frameworks, mesh panels and soft pink sculptures create a space for unbranded fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Clothing and accessories are removed of any merchandise that may indicate a target gender, instead being placed in plain garment bags and brown boxes, using the same tags and masking tape to replace logos. This is another provocative campaign that continues to set Selfridges apart from other global department stores.


Camper – Melbourne

30,000 bright red shoelaces hang from a false ceiling in Melbourne’s new Camper store. Creating the illusion of curves and dips, it references the brightly coloured fringing of carnival floats and costumes. Part of the ongoing project Camper Together, which invites architects and designers to create unique products and stores, the store was designed by Brazilian architect Marko Brajovic. White pendant lighting is integrated into the design, flush with the fringing while illuminating the shop display.

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