New Vision, New Ideas, New Customers

Is it time to rethink what you know about your customers? We reflect on previous work and look at how we engaged both an existing and wider audiences through behavioural or contextual insights.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 11. 05. 2023

Is it time to rethink what you know about your customers? The current consumer landscape is painted as disconcerting, with people increasingly demanding more while being less loyal to brands.

From Alphas and Gen Z to Millennials and Boomers, it’s time to take a deeper look at mindsets, values and goals. Only if you understand people’s individual and personal motivations can you survive and grow.

At D&P, we seek the subtle, often implicit, behavioural or contextual insights to fuel our innovation and creativity.
With this deeper insight, we can define the ideas, strategies, and vision to engage both existing and wider audiences better.

We believe in the power of visionary thinking and bright ideas founded on actionable insight to help ambitious brands find their competitive and creative edge and to make meaningful connections with people.

The next generation of explorers

Johnnie Walker

Scotch can be perceived as traditional, old-fashioned and serious. As part of a new strategic direction, we were challenged to create a retail vision and experience for Johnnie Walker to engage a wider audience. The ambition was to connect with a new generation with a fresh perspective on Scotch.

This new destination and experience caters to whisky connoisseurs and novices alike, with experts on hand to advise on the variety of flavours and finishes across the extensive assortment. Leaving behind traditional narratives and design codes to create an immersive, hands-on and engaging experience to promote the brand’s discovery, education and enjoyment.

Through visual theatre, storytelling, and experiential moments, the experience invites the curious to discover the brand, creating a more accessible and engaging journey to connect with existing fans and recruit new explorers to the brand.

Konzeptfiliale Winterthur Forum II
The bank that’s closer to you


We partnered with Zürker Kantonalbank to reimagine the ‘banking experience’ by developing a new strategic vision, building on customer insights in- and out-of-sector, to redefine the role of a bank and its branches.

This narrative shifts from conventional transactional banking to one that inspires personal progress and financial wellbeing. It’s a ‘customer mission’ -centric, not ‘product’ -centric, approach, engaging people with financial topics based on life themes to start new conversations about money. It ultimately delivers ZKB’s new vision – to get closer to their customers.

A key part of this new vision was the design of an innovative new branch environment – ‘The Living Studio’ – a place that felt healthy and energising to convey financial wellbeing, and smart and productive to convey personal progress, alongside newly defined and helpful digital tools, staff roles and event programming.

20221110 DP HUGO BOSS 51 HI RES


As part of Boss’ new 2025 strategy, we were tasked with creating a bold new flagship brand experience aimed at attracting a new, younger audience.

The new BOSS store experience aims to inspire customers to find their style confidence and #BeYourOwnBOSS, building on the brand’s new creative direction and better telling its stories and showcasing its products. The service offer has been elevated, with new consultation desks, where customers and store colleagues can come together and have more meaningful conversations.

There are also a number of new digital tools, such as a shoppable social media wall and app, helping the customer journey blend seamlessly across digital and physical storytelling to engage, empower, and inspire customers, making the experience effortless.

The vision is about ‘Becoming BOSS’, creating an experience and style community with the ambition to equip customers with the tools and confidence to succeed on their own terms and to be their own BOSS.

Contact us to understand how we can help you review and connect with your audiences: hello@dalziel-pow.com

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