New Tom Ford beauty store

When we heard Tom Ford had opened a new standalone beauty store for 'Boys & Girls' with some interactive features, we had to get ourselves there to check it out.

Laverne pereira headshot
By Laverne Pereira
Posted 07. 03. 2018
Tomfordbeauty 2

The new Tom Ford store is dedicated to showing his latest in beauty, fragrance and tailored grooming services accompanied by the product selection. Some worth mentioning are the personal scent lab where you can visit the dramming bar to have a customised fragrance appointment, the beauty bar where you can have a personalised make-up consultation and have the option to record your own custom make-up ‘how-to’ tutorial, as well as a grooming room for a wet shave or a beard trim.


If you would prefer to explore solo, there are a couple solutions for you. These include a virtual mirror where you can select and try on different lip shades to see what suits best and an interactive fragrance area where you can pull out a scent to smell from the private blend collection with visuals appearing within the area to represent and describe the scent.

Tomfordbeauty 3

We couldn’t help but feel we were in some sort of Tom Ford advert while walking around the space as each wall is mirrored and lit up. Worth a look if you are in the area!

You can read more of our thoughts about beauty here


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