MK Gallery welcomes expansion for 50th birthday

Last week my hometown of Milton Keynes turned 50. Honouring this anniversary, MK Gallery is expanding and due to open this year. Read more here.

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By Michael McPheat
Posted 01. 02. 2017
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Last week my hometown of Milton Keynes turned 50; even in my lifetime it’s changed tenfold. To commemorate this anniversary, MK Gallery is expanding and due to open this year.

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Designed by 6A Architects (responsible for the Paul Smith flagship on Albermarle Street), the extension honours the late Modern architectural references governing the design of the city itself; the bold shapes used in the interventions give a subtle nod to Louis Kahn, while the use of repetition and regularity of structure I think echoes the works of Mies van der Rohe.

The ‘polished metal façade is corrugated across its surface, ambiguously shifting between reflection, transparency and opacity. A large circular window frames views from the auditorium over the radial landforms and conical grassy mounds of Campbell Park.’

‘The new building will include gallery spaces, an auditorium for film, performance and talks, education facilities and a café and bar.’

Very excited for its opening!

All images are from the architect’s website: 6a.co.uk

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