We visit Lego x Walala's House of DOTS

The vibrant pop-up invites guests to get creative.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 31. 01. 2020
House of DOTS Walala Lego

To celebrate the launch of its new DOTS product, Lego have collaborated with artist Camille Walala on the House of DOTS, a colourful, interactive pop-up. Located just around the corner from us in King's Cross' Coal Drops Yard, we decided to drop in.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

Made up of eight shipping containers, the house contains five rooms that are completely covered in DOTS and Walala's distinctive patterns and colours. Visitors enter into the living room where the walls, floors and furnishings feature the new product.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

Guests then make their way into the kitchen where they can sit down at the table to customise their own bracelet.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

Each guest is given a goodie bag and a container which they're welcome to fill with extra DOTS to finish off or alter their creations at home.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

Upstairs is the bedroom, featuring more bright patterns and a space to customise your own DOTS tile.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

The bathroom includes a ball pit jacuzzi, of course.

House of DOTS Walala Lego

The pop-up ends with a neon disco room and a slide to make your way down.

House of DOTS Walala 3

The House of DOTS is only here for the weekend and slots have already been booked up. However, drop-ins are free and welcome if there's any space. We definitely recommend it!

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