What does the future have in store for the home & DIY sector?

View and download Dalziel & Pow's presentation exploring six key themes that will shape the future of the home & DIY sector.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 17. 03. 2016
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Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in craft and lifestyle activities; in everything from food to fashion, doing-it-yourself is hugely popular. We believe it’s high time for brands in the home improvement sector to capture the imaginations of these consumer-creators.

Through research and our experience working in this market, we’ve delved deeper into the six key themes we believe are shaping the future of this sector:

  1. Knowledge Economy
  2. In-context Inspiration
  3. Create a Community
  4. Customisation Culture
  5. DIY On-demand
  6. Seamless Convergence

Design it yourself – a new future for home and DIY retail from Dalziel and Pow

We’d love to share our insights and experience with you, summarised in our abridged Design It Yourself presentation, available to download or view on Slideshare. Please email Celine Bacconi (c.bacconi@dalziel-pow.com) if you would like a copy of the full report.

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