David Dalziel talks with Retail Week

Our Executive Creative Director contributes to Retail Week's ‘Future Formats: What lies in store for Physical retail’ report. 

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 07. 2022
DD Retail Week 07 22

This report asked a number of commentators about this and related topics, revealing how retailers and brands are creating compelling experiences that make their stores destinations for consumers.

Covering themes such as - What does the consumer want from a retail store experience? How can the customer experience be done in new ways to drive shopper loyalty? Which technologies will support this and what role will in-store events and the communications that sit around them play? Being some of the questions retailers have to contend with in this space. And what is clear, as this report shows, is that people still crave physical experiences and retailers are rising to the challenge.

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The report identified five winning strategies that it believes will help businesses succeed in a market being transformed by technology and shifting consumer attitudes. Those being - Brand Relevance and Evolution, Agility and Partnerships, Customer Experience, Innovation and investment, and last (but not least!) Culture and Purpose.

Read the full report and analysis here (sign-up required) - https://bit.ly/3OMeCAh

Thank you Retail Week for including Dalziel & Pow and great to see all the interesting insights and comments from all the contributors

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