How to unearth your brand truth?

At D&P, we’re reimagining the role of branding and believe a brand’s proposition is expressed as its total experience

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 13. 04. 2023
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Our unique ‘Brand World’ framework allows us to build from a brand’s purpose, and define and create its personality, identity and narrative, whether building from scratch or as part of a strategic evolution.

It is vital to understand and articulate what sets you apart. What are your brand truths, what is unique to you, and how do you tell your authentic story? Long gone are the days when a brand was merely an applied identity. We’re all demanding to know a brand’s purpose, values, and story. We want honesty and transparency if we are to become part of any brand’s community.

All to achieve the goal of telling your authentic story across all channels and touchpoints, from social to spaces, by discovering your brand’s truths; what makes you unique, stand out and connect more meaningfully.

‘Together we dream,’ appealing to both children and parent, and inspired by the unexpected pairings of the brand’s product.


We’ve created a new positioning, identity, and retail experience for Balabala, a Chinese children’s fashion retailer. Dedicated to quality, Balabala’s products are stylish yet comfortable so children can enjoy being children, playing and dreaming big.

Our new vision, ‘Together we dream,’ appeals to both children and parents, inspired by the creative direction for the brand’s product, with unexpected pairings being key to the strategy and creative language. The idea of contrast is at the core of the brand’s new positioning, identity and experience, created using two simple forms - a circle and a rectangle.

The new vision is bold, playful, fashionable and full of character; truly reflective of the brand’s purpose and attitude. It creates an experience akin to the fashion brands that parents love while also delighting children and sparking their imagination.

Maharishi Ayurveda

Ayurveda translates to ‘science of life’ in Sanskrit, and Maharishi means ‘great seer’. Our challenge was to help people see the holistic benefits of this East meets West philosophy and science by designing a more relatable creative expression of this ancient wisdom.

Ayurveda is so broad that it benefits those seeking prevention and cure, but it can feel overwhelming and complicated. We looked to break it down to become more accessible, personal and practical; aiming to make Maharishi Ayurveda an indispensable everyday toolkit for people with their own wellness path.

Building on the Ayurvedic principles of connectivity and balance, this search for balance was a key driver in the creation of the new brand identity and creative assets across digital channels, product innovation and packaging, as well as retail, education and integrative health services.

Building on the Ayurvedic principles of connectivity and balance, this search for balance was a key driver in the creation direction

Vision Industry

We’ve been working with optical company, Vision Industry, to position and design their new brand. Vision Industry is focused on innovation, health and creativity, with an in-house eye clinic and laboratory, ensuring its customers get the best eyecare, alongside great design.

We initially worked to clarify the brand’s vision and purpose – providing the highest level of care, service, innovation and design, aiming to become the benchmark in eyewear and eyecare. This resulted in the brand’s position, which sees a world where looking good and seeing well come together with ‘Sight made simple, enjoyable and personal for all.’

Built from this clear position, we created the new brand identity with a clean and contemporary visual language supported by a flexible brand pattern inspired by the way the eye perceives light. All the additional brand assets and communications across iconography, print, packaging, online and social media, and product storytelling were designed in line with this position.

The new brand’s position sees a world where looking good and seeing well come together.
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