Exploring the changing face of beauty retail

We’ve explored the beauty market and seen customers’ appetites better satisfied by captivating, active store experiences. Request a copy of our report here.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 25. 02. 2015
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At Dalziel and Pow we love talking about design, brands and stores. We see new opportunities everywhere, and right now we’re inspired and excited by the female beauty market. We’ve travelled and researched, debated and tested, and dedicated a whole month to #DandPLovesBeauty, identifying three key insights that are shaping the new face of beauty retail: Community of Experts, Intelligent Curation and Seamlessly Integrated.

Sound interesting for your brand? Please click here to download the full report, or view it on SlideShare and email us at beauty@dalziel-pow.com to start the conversation.

Beautiful Convergence: Exploring the changing face of beauty retail from Dalziel and Pow

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