Experiences We Love - The Christmas 2019 Special

Happy holidays! Our December 2019 edition of Experiences We Love is a Christmas special, featuring festive decorations at Liberty, a city made of gingerbread, sustainable Christmas markets and some clever word play from Boots.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 17. 12. 2019
Liberty tree crop
© Liberty

The Tree of Liberty

The iconic London department store Liberty has decked its halls with a giant, floating, pink and teal bonsai tree.

What we love

It’s unique. The bar seems to be constantly rising higher for the Christmas tree displays inside London’s department stores, hotels and train stations. However, the Liberty tree seems to have come out a favourite. A giant bonsai tree is a little left field, however the adorning baubles and gifts keep it feeling festive.

Gingerbread City
© Somerset House

Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City at Somerset House

This annual exhibition challenges architects, engineers and designers to make a city out of gingerbread. This year’s theme of ‘transport’ explores new ways to move around our densely populated cities.

What we love

It’s a novel (and tasty) approach to get people engaged in architecture. Using food as a medium to explore pressing issues is a great way to get people interested.

It’s incredibly impressive. Have you ever tried building a gingerbread house? Figuring out what to buy your ‘oh you don’t have to get me anything’ relative for Christmas is probably easier.

Zero Waste Christmas Market
© Zero Waste Goods

The Zero Waste Christmas Market

Curated marketplace Zero Waste Goods has been holding Christmas Markets across the UK full of sustainable products.

What we love

It’s making Christmas more sustainable. Christmas isn’t exactly a time for holding back in any area; gifts wrapped in reams of paper and ribbons, lights adorning high streets and homes, going hard on the food and drinks (as you should!). In all the festivities, we often tend to overlook its impact on the environment. The Zero Waste Christmas markets makes it easier for shoppers to have a more sustainable Christmas with gift ideas from a huge curated collection of traders.

The experiences. Aside from the mulled wine and mince pies, the Zero Waste Christmas Market offered plenty of experiences including informative sustainability seminars, craft workshops, children’s storytelling and even film screenings.

Boots Bootique
© Boots

Boots’ Bootiques

As featured in its Christmas ad, Boots has been launching ‘Bootique’ pop ups all around the UK and featuring curated collections online to give shoppers some much-needed gift inspiration.

What we love

It’s useful. Getting the right gift isn’t easy, so any source of inspiration is welcome at this time of year. Boots’s prescriptive gift guides such as ‘What To Buy The Person Who’s 100% Vegan When You’re 100% Clueless’ were very in tune with today’s consumers.

The designs. In London, the ‘What To Buy The Person You’re Heels Over Head With’ Bootique helped couples find something for their other half in an upside down bedroom. In Liverpool, the ‘What To Buy The Person Who Lies Awake Dreaming Of Sleep’ Bootique was filled with products to help get a better night's rest, housed inside two sleepy-eyed domes. Inside, visitors could lie back on cloud-shaped pillows and look up at a starry night sky.


We hope you’ve been enjoying the festive experiences this season. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2020 has to offer but for now, we wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us at D&P!

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