Experiences We Love – September 19

September’s edition of Experiences We Love features a vibrant new store from United Colors of Benetton, Lush’s Shinjuku spa, Depop’s pop-up in Selfridges and a superstore from Oxfam.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 27. 09. 2019
Experiences we love sep19

United Colors of Benetton

The colourful clothing brand arrives at Printemps Paris.

© United Colors of Benetton

What we love

The design. Being the United Colors of Benetton, everywhere you look has a pop of colour. A logo made up of paint buckets sits at the entrance of the store, with graphic lines pouring out and running across the neutral interior. Cleverly designed clothes rails mimic the swoops of paint, making the whole store look like a 3D artwork. Plus, the colour-coded stock is so satisfying to see.

It goes back to basics. The store features no screens or technological devices, with the decor and design intended to be a strong enough visual feast itself. And it works – Benetton have created an experiential space without the danger of sensory overload.

Lush Spa Shinjuku

We covered Lush’s Tokyo store in June’s Experiences we love but the opening of the spa on the fourth floor demanded our attention.

Lush Spa
© Lush

What we love

The digital touches. We usually see digital elements used to excite and energise, but Lush has managed to use them to immerse visitors in a relaxing environment. Upon arriving at the fourth floor, a thoughtful touch screen asks ‘How would you like to feel today?’. Customers can select their answer from a range of options, changing the visuals on the screens in the space. Visual ASMR can also be seen playing on screens while lights and projections on treatment room ceilings recreate night skies.

The range of services on offer. Lush will offer three treatment rooms, four experience areas and a selection of ten spa treatments. To help them make their choice, customers can browse the array of treatments using an interactive treatment menu that whittles down the options according to their mood.

Depop at Selfridges

Online favourite Depop looks just as good IRL.

Depop Selfridges
© Depop

What we love

It’s by the people, for the people. Social shopping app Depop’s pop-up in Selfridges turns the spotlight on three selected sellers each week, providing them with an amazing platform to display and sell items from their online collections and get in front of shoppers. And it’s not just the sellers that Depop have kept in mind – customers can view pieces displayed on a kinetic rail, controlled by themselves to deliver the ultimate browsing experience.

It’s beyond retro. The millennial brand’s space has a distinctly retro feel. Arcade games, LED ticker tape communications and vintage collections make the shopper feel like they’ve stepped straight into the 80s.

Multi-fuctionality is key. When it’s not acting as a fashion-addict’s haven, Depop’s pop-up is also used for a range of events, including panel discussions and workshops with a selection of its sellers.


The charity opens its first superstore in Oxford, spanning 18,500 sqft.

Oxfam superstore
© Oxfam

What we love

The in-store initiatives. Alongside the usual second-hand goods, this Oxfam features plenty to keep shoppers coming back. Local B Corps (companies committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment) fill market stalls and electrical appliances are available to rent at the lending library.

It’s multi-purpose. The store will host regular events, activities and workshops like crafting and upcycling. The space will also become a social hub for community groups, with in-store meeting spaces that can be rented out for a small charge. A photography studio on-site will be used to shoot select fashion and homeware pieces for Oxfam’s e-commerce site and social media, helping to keep the charity looking good online as well as in-store.

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