Experiences we love – September 18

Included in this month’s experiences we love are Matches Fashion’s exquisite London townhouse (complete with Prada collab), Anya Hindmarch’s Chubby Cloud exhibition, Selfridges’ VASHI concept and refreshed eyewear department, L’Occitane’s New York experience store, and Mymuesli’s healthy Munich outpost.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 07. 09. 2018
Stores we love sep18

Matches Fashion’s London townhouse

Luxury boutique, Matches Fashion may be known for its online presence, however in a bid to tap into experiential retail, it’s launched a Mayfair townhouse with two floors dedicated to personal shopping and two open to the public.

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What we love

It caters to Gen Z. The house will stage a series of takeovers, the first being a 110 piece collaboration with Prada. We love the fun interior featuring a Prada sticker dispensing vending machine, dynamic digital screens, wild patterns (who doesn’t love a snap of hyper-fun banana wallpaper?) and flashing neon lights. The electrifying VM instantly transforms Prada’s typically elegant aesthetic into something that’s more appealing to Millennials (the Gucci effect perhaps?). If a shopping break is needed, visitors can either enjoy a snack in the coffee shop or relax in the tropical Garden.

Shopping made easy. The top two floors are dedicated to personal shopping and are appointment only. It’s essential that Matches looks after their most loyal customers and provides a premium, physical space for them to shop and experience a high level of service. The sumptuously decorated rooms with a tonal palette, high-gloss accents and plush furniture exude luxury at its most modern – exactly what we would expect from one of the world’s most successful fashion boutiques.

Chubby Clouds by Anya Hindmarch London

Anya Hindmarch is moving away from the traditional fashion week concept by engaging the public with a Chubby Clouds exhibition/wellness festival –
inspired by the cloud motif of its AW18 collection.

©?Anya Hindmarch

What we love

It’s a novel way of presenting a collection. The installation will take place in Whitehall’s exquisite Banqueting House where visitors can relax on a huge
cloud-like beanbag while gazing up at Ruben’s iconic painted ceiling. We love that it engages the public (rather than editors and influencers as at a traditional fashion presentation) and taps into fashion’s more inclusive movement. During the three-day event, the collection and exclusive Chubby Cloud products can be viewed in the pop-up shop.

The sleep-inspired programme. The event will also feature talks, performances and meditations from various celebrities and wellness experts that relate to sleep and relaxation – for instance, The London Gay Men’s Chorus is singing classic lullabies. And if that is not enough, guests can also enjoy cloud inspired cakes in the Chubby Café. Buy tickets here.

Selfridges London

Selfridges keeps on surprising us with its constant changes and new collaborations. The Wonder Room now includes a high-end jewellery store that offers customers the chance to create their own jewellery. The department store has also just finished the completion of the largest accessories hall in the world and with that comes the largest collection of eyewear in the UK.

What we love

Diamond specialist VASHI’s concept, ‘I made this for you’ allows customers to create their own unique piece of jewellery. Each customer is encouraged to choose everything from the stones to the band and can even cast the ring themselves – with the help of one of the trained artisans. The open layout of the store supports the hands-on-experience and it’s pretty fun getting to see the craftsmen work on each piece in the. We love that Vashi champions exploration and creativity.

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What we love

Always in-step with the zeitgeist, Selfridges expansive eyewear department reflects the increased importance millennials place on shades. The options seem almost unlimited as the rows and rows of product showcase everything ranging from bookish opticals to bizarre sunglasses. On top of to the 2200 pairs of glasses displayed, the department also comes with a testing area that allows customers to see 3D scans of their eyes. The huge selection encourages self-expression and individual style, we love that customers are being offered something truly unique in the UK.

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L’Occitane New York

L’Occitane brings the South of France to New York with its new nature-filled store experience.


What we love

It plays to the brand’s strengths. Visitors can experience the products in an atmosphere that brings L’Occitane’s French heritage to life. Retro yellow bikes are placed in front of a rural Provencal backdrop, an aesthetically pleasing scene that’s perfect Instagram bait and sure to increase the European brand’s presence in America. The store also offers hand massages while experiencing the French countryside from a virtual hot air balloon ride!

The focus on experience. As well as the above elements, customers are treated to a multi-sensory experience in both the consultation room that features rain showers and the comfy seating that’s situated below luscious olive trees. We love that visitors can journey through the southern French countryside while sampling products ranging from skin care to makeup.

Mymuesli Munich

German breakfast cereal company Myuesli, is promoting a healthier lifestyle for customers through its in-store experience. The brand is known for its 100% organic ingredients and the ability for customers to mix ingredients according to the personal preferences.

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What we love

It’s not just about the products. Customers can pick and mix how they eat the breakfast cereal and oatmeal in a combination of organic smoothies, juices, fruit and smoothie bowls, coffee and teas. By doing so, Mymuesli shows the versatility and range of its products. By combining a traditional store with a healthy coffee shop, Mymuesli is encouraging their customers to purchase the products after trying them.

The concept is fun, interactive and low-pressure. With this store, Mymuesli is moving away from the formal store environment to a more relaxed setting. Purchasing the breakfast cereal is no longer a requirement and customers can simply just enjoy a breakfast bowl or a coffee with their friends. It has a simple and uplifting interior that echoes the bold logo colours.

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