Experiences We Love - October 19

This month’s Experiences We Love features an unforgettable vacation from Barbie and Airbnb, a Parisian beauty mecca from Dover Street Market, a zen bookstore from Yan and a space-themed cafe that sets a course away from the usual space tropes.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 28. 10. 2019
Barbie 2
© Barbie x Airbnb

Barbie x Airbnb

In celebration of Barbie’s 60th anniversary, Airbnb offered users the chance to live life in plastic with a stay at Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse for two nights.

What we love

In a Barbie World. No detail was spared - this was Barbie’s Dreamhouse brought to life. Every room featured an abundance of pink and the closet was a particular highlight.

There’s more to experience. If staying in the three-storey Dreamhouse overlooking the ocean wasn’t enough, Barbie’s friends will also stopped by to entertain guests. There was a fencing lesson with Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad (who has a Barbie made in her likeness), a makeover from celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Jen Atkins, a cooking class with chef Gina Clarke-Helm and a tour around the Columbia Memorial Space Center from pilot and aerospace engineer Jill Meyers. Not only did this make for an unforgettable stay for guests, it’s very much in-line with Barbie’s new positioning which celebrates inspiring women in different fields and it demonstrates Airbnb’s Experiences offer.

Dover Street Parfums Market
© Dover Street Parfums Market

Dover Street Parfums Market

The brand arrives in Paris with a new beauty-only concept store.

What we love

The unique design. Products are displayed inside a range of different columns, from sparkly silver tubes to textured white tiles. It’s an interesting mix of materials causing the space to feel quite surreal.

The product selection. To entice customers into the store, Dover Street has curated a considered assortment of products. Brands stocked range from young independent labels to makeup table classics. There are gender neutral fragrances, charcoal toothpastes and exclusive Comme des Garcons beauty products.

Yan Bookstore
© Yan


China isn’t short on impressive bookstores and Yan, newly opened Shenzen, is no exception.

What we love

It’s a calming space. The design concept takes inspiration from Zen Buddhism to create a space where visitors can self-reflect. The entire store is covered in earth tones and feels far removed from the commercial complex it’s located in.

It makes room for events. An area with large tables caters to a variety of events and there’s also a dedicated space for talks and presentations.

Cosmos cafe
© Cosmos Cafe

Cosmos Cafe

Inside Moscow’s Cosmos Pavillion is a new cafe that will delight children and adults alike.

What we love

Its playful design. Rather than stick to classic space themes, the Cosmos cafe takes a postmodern design approach. Memphis Group patterns and bold colours contrast with marble floors and chrome sculptures; it’s simultaneously chaotic and elegant.

It respects the building's heritage. The cafe was designed to complement the historical space rather than erase it. Archways were created with plasterboards and the original ceiling is modernised with new lighting and art.

© Scotts


A British fish and chip shop has been 3D-scanned and printed in Chengdu, China.

What we love

The wonders of technology. The chippie, named Scotts after the Yorkshire-based shop visited by President Xi Jinping, was created by scanning various textures, interiors and exteriors of fish and chip shops around the UK. Even the salt shakers were scanned and printed.

It’s something new. We’re excited to see what other kinds of cultural exchanges 3D printing will bring. On that note, if someone wants to 3D-print a jianbing (Chinese crepe) cart and place it right outside our office, let’s talk.

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