Experiences we love – March 19

Our March edition of Experiences we love features a repurposed locomotive shed, an unexpected collaboration, Forty Five Ten's Hudson Yards outpost, Leica's London flagship, and the biggest Lush store in the world.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 29. 03. 2019
Exp we love march


A locomotive storage hall in Tilburg, the Netherlands, has been given a new lease of life. The 1930s building has undergone an unconventional transformation to become the city’s ‘new living room’.


What we love

Its versatility. The huge, multi-functional 58,000 sqft space houses a library, co-working spaces and other amenities. Giant textile screens that hang from the ceiling can be repositioned using a computerised system to section off areas that may be used for exhibitions or events.

The nod to its heritage. The building keeps its industrial interiors on show with the old layers of paint and columns. It also makes use of the old railway tracks with three wheeled tables that can easily be moved along them.

It’s open to everyone. Anyone is welcome to use the space, making it a truly modern leisure space for the community with the mix of amenities on offer.


KITH has collaborated with Estée Lauder on a limited-edition collection of five of the beauty brand’s classic skincare staples presented in co-branded packaging. In celebration of the launch of the collection, KITH have given the third floor of their SoHo, New York flagship a makeover modelling it after Lauder’s original office in honour of the beauty empire’s founder.


What we love

It’s something different. A luxury beauty giant collaborating with a brand mostly associated with street style was unexpected to say the least. KITH redecorating part of its flagship for the launch was also a surprise – the vintage powder blue wallpapered space is quite a contrast to the rest of the modern, minimalistic store. It shows KITH’s dedication to the collaboration and to offering new experiences for its customers.

There are extra special experiences. Customers who buy from the KITH x Estée Lauder collection can also have their portrait taken by acclaimed photographer Philippe Salomon.

Forty Five Ten

The Dallas-born retailer is no stranger to Experiences We Love; we spotlighted the brand before in a department store special. Forty Five Ten is one of the pioneers of art and fashion fusion retail and its new boutique in the New York development everybody’s talking about, Hudson Yards, doesn’t disappoint.

Forty Five Ten

What we love

The design. The store is made up of four spaces, each with distinct categories, identities, and storefronts. Glass brickwork takes up much of the shop windows and inside each ‘department’ has a different design, from minimalism mixed with bold colours to spaces that lean towards maximalist. Contemporary art is featured alongside the fashion in true Forty Five Ten style.

What’s on offer. This Forty Five Ten branch contains the usual curated mix of established brands and up-and-coming designers but it will be tailored to a New Yorker audience and their lifestyles.


Leica’s new London flagship stocks the entire range of Leica cameras and lenses, but the merchandise isn’t only what they offer.


What we love

The Leica Gallery. Inside the store is the brand’s first Leica Gallery in the UK, an exhibition space showcasing work by various Leica photographers. It’s a great way to bring in a different store experience, spotlight brand ambassadors, and showcase the quality work Leica cameras can produce.

The Leica Akademie. The flagship will also be home to the UK outpost of the Akademie, a training centre offering talks and workshops to photographers of all levels. There will also be opportunities for people to get their hands on a Leica camera and take them for a test run.


Lush’s new Liverpool store is its biggest one yet – so big it could fit over 9 million bath bombs.


What we love

The range of experiences. Lush knows its way around experiential retail and the new store shows it. Inside the 14,900 sqft space is Lush’s first hair salon, a spa, a florist, the brand’s music collection, a tea and coffee bar, and more.

The dedication to sustainability. The brand has long been a proponent of sustainable business, so unsurprisingly it’s made sure the new store’s experiences are as environmentally friendly as possible. Shoppers can browse Lush’s entire makeup range including its growing collection of unpackaged products. Bouquets at the florist are locally sourced and wrapped in 100% compostable packaging. The café serves up locally sourced coffee beans in reusable cups.

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