Experiences We Love - June 2020

Inspired by our #CreativityWins campaign, this month's roundup of experiences we love includes masked bar staff at Mr Fogg's, 30-second soap from Lush, a creative queuing initiative from Asda and a new format store from Sézane.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 30. 06. 2020
Mr foggs
photo credit: mr fogg's

Mr Fogg's

Immersive bar Mr Fogg's is taking safety restrictions into their own hands ahead of the reopening of the hospitality industry. The creative bar collective is incorporating face masks into beekeeper outfits for staff at their themed House of Botanicals bar, while strategically placed mannequins will help to enforce social distancing at their Mayfair location without impacting on the atmosphere.

What we love

The level of immersion. Mr Fogg's has taken what could have been hugely restrictive measures and spun them to their advantage, creating experience-enhancing assets to help deliver a truly magical and immersive experience.

Safety first approach. As the UK comes out of lockdown, some may be feeling anxious about venturing back out into the big wide world. Mr Fogg's is proving that their guests' welfare is top of the agenda and that they are taking health and safety seriously, whilst still having fun.

Lush soap
photo credit: lush


Beauty brand Lush has created a self-timing soap that dissolves away after 30 seconds of vigorous use, in line with WHO handwashing guidelines - a simple yet fun way for users to educate themselves on hand-washing best-practice.

What we love

Free delivery. Lush's germ-busting soap is being delivered for free by Deliveroo in Dubai thanks to a partnership between the two brands, meaning clean hands for all!

The branding. The bright, bouncy graphics and punchy colours make us smile - just what we would expect from the vibrant beauty brand.

Sezanne crop
photo credit: sezane

Sézane - La Conciergerie Générale

French retailer Sézane has launched a new range of small format stores called La Conciergerie Générale for shoppers to collect, try on and return online orders for a more convenient experience.

What we love

The ultimate concierge service. The new service format allows busy shoppers to sidestep potentially long waiting times in Sézane's standard stores, taking the pain out of the queuing experience and enabling them to benefit from this welcome touch of customer service.

It's a new look for Sézane. The bold olive green store fronts are a far cry from Sézane's more neutral L'Appartement format stores - it's a breath of fresh air for the brand and we're big fans of keeping things creative.

Asda crop


Asda are trialling a new virtual queuing system, where shoppers simply log into an online queue via their phones and are able to stay in the comfort of their own car until it’s their turn to safely enter the store.

What we love

Rethinking the role of the queue. Lockdown has unfortunately made queuing for basics a large part of our everyday lives. We love how Asda has made the experience that little bit more bearable by providing customers with a more comfortable option to help combat boredom and sore feet (more of our thoughts on that here).

The commitment to the vulnerable. This virtual queuing concept is particularly helpful for anxious members of the community, perhaps those coming out of shielding, who are looking for their shopping experience to be as safe and comfortable as possible. By minimising contact with others and incorporating a safe space into the queuing experience, Asda are helping to support their more vulnerable customers.

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