Experiences We Love - January 2020

Every month, we turn the spotlight onto work we love from around the world. For January 2020, we’re covering a stylish collection point, a slime museum, a streetwear brand’s community-focussed flagship, a minimal pop-up and an airplane food outlet.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 30. 01. 2020
Box Posti
© Box


The Finnish postal service Posti has opened Box, a stylish collection point where residents of Helsinki can retrieve packages they’ve ordered online.

What we love

It’s convenient. It’s no surprise that collection points for online orders are becoming increasingly common, serving as a convenient space for people who find it difficult to have parcels delivered to their home or workplace. However, Box goes the extra mile to deliver even more convenience. There’s a block of changing rooms for trying on clothing orders and returns can be organised and paid for at digital kiosks.

The design. Box is bright, using a mix of bold shades and neon lighting. Areas are colour-coded to clearly define each space. Even the storage lockers themselves are interesting, with pastel pink or reflective silver doors.

Sloomoo Institute
© Sloomoo Institute

Sloomoo Institute

Over the past few years, slime has taken the internet by storm - whether for its use in ASMR, or simply for being fun to play with. This pop-up museum in New York is dedicated to the sticky stuff.

What we love

It’s a sensory playground. The Sloomoo Institute has multiple vats of slime in a variety of textures and colours that visitors are welcome to play with. There’s also an ASMR tunnel, a glow-in-the-dark cove, an EEG machine so visitors can see what their brain looks like 'on slime' and a chance to walk on a slime lake. Guests can also pay extra to be covered in slime at Sloomoo Falls.

The DIY Bar. We're big fans of personalised experiences, so we love that all museum-goers get to take home their own custom slime mixed at the DIY bar. Guests can choose from a range of textures, scents, colours and toppings for their creations.

Unkwn Wynwood
© Unknwn


Unknwn, the streetwear label co-founded by LeBron James, has opened a vibrant new flagship in Miami.

What we love

It’s community-centric. Retail only makes up a small part of this flagship; its main aim is to bring people together. There’s a colourful, open-air basketball court and the store will host events such as live music shows and film screenings.

It puts a spotlight on art. Based in Miami’s arts district of Wynwood, the store will exhibit and collaborate with local creatives. A 200 ft mural wall will frequently change as new artists are invited to make their mark on the space.

Bang & Olufsen
© Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen

In Kyoto, Bang & Olufsen opened a pop-up in a building due for demolition.

What we love

The minimal design. Due to the temporary nature of the store and its location, the pop-up’s concept is ‘minimal intervention, maximum effect’. The space has been left sparse, with a few decorations to complement the products. Display tables were created specially for the pop-up out of concrete and repurposed timber, and the leftover materials used in moulding the concrete have been used as decorations.

© Santan


Ever fancied having some airplane food for lunch? No? Well, if residents in Kuala Lumpur are ever in the mood they can now visit Santan, AirAsia’s new restaurant serving dishes from its in-flight menu.

What we love

It’s unexpected. While the thought of airplane food might not get you drooling, AirAsia is confident their new venture will be a hit. It’s the first airline to offer its food on the ground, citing that the move was inspired by its customers who have a ‘significant appetite’ for its signature Asian dishes.

It makes use of the latest industry technology. Smart menus recommend dishes to customers based on the time of day and data from past ordering patterns. Customers can also use Santan’s app to place orders in advance.

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