Experiences We Love - August 2020

Inspired by our #CreativityWins campaign, this month's roundup of experiences we love includes Selfridges' new Project Earth initiative, Burberry's innovative social retail store, and an Italian-inspired jewellery and restaurant pop-up from Alighieri.

Jess Jones
By Jess Jones
Posted 27. 08. 2020
credit: selfridges

For the past few weeks across our social channels, we've been celebrating brands who are thinking creatively and delivering innovative experiences to help customers, colleagues and communities right now as part of our #CreativityWins spotlight. From acting sustainably to helping us make the most of a strange summer, we've been inspired by those who are proving that in times of uncertainty, creativity wins.

Here's a roundup of some of our favourites from the past month.

credit: selfridges


The London department store has just launched a new initiative - Project Earth embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability, with an eco-friendly product offer, events schedule and a pledge from the brand to change the way we shop for the good of the planet.

What we love:

The new service offer. The brand are opening up a whole new range of options, including reselling, repairing, renting and refilling services, making it easier than ever for customers to make more planet-friendly decisions when shopping. When brought together, these initiatives help to place the innovative store at the heart of the sustainability conversation. And the use of 'Resellfridges' is genious.

The online events schedule. Expert discussions around the most exciting ideas in sustainability and the future of shopping are available to all viewers online, including upcoming talks on the rise of AR fashion and ethical consumerism.

Burberry crop 2
credit: burberry


The fashion brand has revolutionised the Summer 2020 shopping experience by opening a ‘social retail’ store in China, using interactive QR codes and a special WeChat platform to allow customers to interact with the brand in person and on social media.

What we love:

The phygital blend. The new concept combines the best of digital and physical to provide customers with a future-forward shopping experience in a brick-and-mortar store, helping to build customer connections across multiple channels.

The personalised experience. The store features content for visitors to unlock. Each shopper gets their own WeChat avatar that evolves the more they explore, delivering a bespoke experience that they can share online with others.

credit: alighieri

Alighieri + Pasta Evangelists

For those unable to travel this year, jewellery brand Alighieri has brought a taste of Italy to East London with a pop-up shop and restaurant run by Pasta Evangelists.

What we love:

The authentic setting. The ‘Old Town’ pop-up looks just like an Italian piazza, with Mediterranean colours and beautifully displayed jewellery on shelving and furniture emulating the perfect summer holiday experience.

The unexpected brand pivot. We've seen numerous brands self-disrupting since lockdown in order to reach customers in different ways - particularly bars and restaurants who have innovated to service customers at home. So it's fun to see Pasta Evangelists, the doorstep-delivery brand, buck the trend and venture into the world of physical dining.

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