Experiences We Love... At Home

This month, we've switched up the format to celebrate the helpful, meaningful and inspiring experiences we love from the safety of our own homes.

Jess Jones
By Jess Jones
Posted 29. 04. 2020
FREITAG DIY F718 BUH online phone
credit: freitag

Workshop experiences at home

Bag and accessories brand Frietag, known for its recycled truck tarp creations, has taken its DIY bag-making workshops online for customers to enjoy from home. Originally a unique feature of its downtown Zurich store, the virtual version of Frietag’s Sweat-yourself Shop allows budding bag designers to customise their own product online by video calling the in-house team and selecting size, shape and colour combinations before the bag is delivered to their doorstep.

If recycled tarp bags aren’t your thing, Earl of East has moved their IRL candle-making workshops into homes via a handy kit. Customers are able to choose their favourite scent and even name their candle online before joining a Zoom call with an expert candle-maker to be guided through the process.

These virtual workshops are such a great way for brands to continue to share their unique offer and stay connected with customers digitally, even if they can’t physically.

FREITAG DIY F718 BUH pieces Yves Bachmann RGB High Res
credit: freitag

Restaurant experiences at home

Everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture brand, IKEA, has released their coveted meatball recipe on Twitter for hungry fans to replicate in their own kitchens. Complete with fool-proof instructions, reminiscent of those accompanying their flat-packed products, IKEA’s simple approach allows their personality to shine through and ensures they can still put themselves inside customers’ homes.

Any burger fans out there will be pleased to know that Patty & Bun has released DIY kits for customers suffering from withdrawals during lockdown. Delivered to your door, the kits feature all the ingredients needed to make favourites from the P&B menu, allowing the tasty brand experience to continue despite government shutdowns.


Online experiences at home

Cashmere brand Begg & Co has launched a dedicated online space on their website to help soothe worried customers, and we love the name they’ve chosen - ‘Our Comfort Blanket’. The platform offers visitors the virtual version of a big, warm hug, with positivity-boosting tips and advice to help ease the burden of the lockdown. The community-building initiative not only allows Begg & Co’s customers to feel connected with the brand and each other, it also shows an empathetic and human side to a brand which their audience is bound to remember once all this is over.

Our client, John Lewis & Partners, has taken their in-store services online with a whole range of virtual one-on-one consultations ranging from nursery advice through to personal styling and home design. Customers receive the same level of service they are used to in-store by discussing with John Lewis’ team of experts from the safety of their own homes - a great pivot for any brand wanting to continue delivering a personalised experience.

JLP Jess Smller

These are unprecedented times for everyone, but it’s been great to see so many brands adapting to the situation and proving that brand experiences can still engage, inspire, delight and excite even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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