Exmouth Market

We believe it's important to support things in your local community. We love Exmouth Market and think you will too! Find out exactly why we do here...

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By India Devereux
Posted 24. 02. 2017
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We believe that in order to truly appreciate anything you must dig a little deeper. So, we went on a mission to find out what’s hiding under the surface of our neighbour Exmouth Market, and discover what makes it unique.

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It’s often referred to as a hidden gem with its independent cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Selling a variety of fun and crazy gifts, trinkets, food and services, there’s something for everyone, from cuisine from around the globe to handmade gifts, tattoos, quirky socks and the option for a quick trim before returning to the office!

This mix of independent outlets in collaboration on this little quaint fairy light-lit street results in something extraordinary and exciting just around the corner.

While all of those external factors are interesting, we wanted to investigate exactly why Exmouth Market stands out, and look at all of the features that sometimes go overlooked.

What is it that makes our local market so special? We decided that the best way to find this out was to ask the question! We spoke to the shop owners of two concept stores about why they love the market and its ever so changing culture.

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The eclectic café Brill that’s held its place on Exmouth Market since July 1999 told us that they love “the fact that people have to discover it”. This factor provides Exmouth Market with an exclusive feel as if it’s a little secret kept amongst the locals only. ‘Brill’ thinks that in order to work here, you have to be different which is exactly what they are! A record store/café with a secret garden out the back – they put their own spin on things.

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The record store-turned café holds a simple concept of grabbing delicious bagels and cakes, set to a cool musical backdrop. Hums of reggae and old skool classics mixed with the laughter of the locals makes the atmosphere in Brill enthusiastic and welcoming. Its musical background is still prominent as customers are met with an array of vinyls and CDs that they can buy while queuing for their food. Their records and t-shirts are plastered with a quirky ‘seal of approval’ illustration which gives the café an artistic vibe and provides customers with the perfect Instagrammable moment.

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Another standout store we decided to investigate was Family Tree. They love the market’s vibrancy and they also said it’s “great for food” – oh Family Tree, we couldn’t agree with you more!

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Family Tree works with small businesses such as Arthouse Meath that support and “present the skills and talents of people living with epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties”. So while the customers are buying gifts they’re also doing something good, what’s not to love? The purity behind this concept adds a bit of love to the mixture and character to the market overall.

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So, in conclusion, what makes our favourite market special is ultimately the people along with the artistic atmosphere created within this energetic East London street.



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