D&P explores wellness

D&P Explores Wellness is a series of thought pieces exploring the changes in the wellness industry. What can other sectors learn from the wellness boom and who is already cashing in?

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 13. 03. 2018
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It’s almost a shame that ‘wellness’ has become such a buzzword because what it actually means, literally to feel well, is of timeless importance. It can only be a good thing that consumers and a new breed of brands are becoming more in-tune with what it means to feel good, healthy and happy today… so let’s not just undermine the movement as a Millennial fad!

With that being said, our new series, D&P explores wellness is an evolution of 2017’s D&P loves beauty – think of it as its healthier, fitter and more mindful sister. We couldn’t help but notice the wellness industry’s exponential growth over the last few years and the fact that consumers are giving well-being increased importance over material objects. Beauty is no longer limited to makeup and skin products, and health is no longer clinical; there is now a convergence between medicine, beauty products, mental health, fitness and mindfulness in general.

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This has undoubtedly affected retail, according to the Harris Group, 72% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on material goods – Barbara Kruger’s famous 20th-century graphic ‘I shop, therefore I am’ just wouldn’t cut the mustard with today’s consumers.

We’re looking forward to covering a range of topics that ask thought-provoking questions including, but not limited to, what’s driving the new consumer mindset, where are the new health experts and what does the future look like for non-wellness-centric brands?

Here’s what we think so far…

Senior Creative Strategist, Laura Lutz talks us through the five drivers fuelling the wellness trend.

Senior Creative Strategist, Ash Pickford, discusses how wellness is the nexus of health, fitness and beauty .

Ash Pickford also talks about brands stretching into wellness.

Design Project Leader, Myree Tydings explores the major issues facing the fragrance market and what can be done to solve them.

Senior Creative Strategist, Alix Hope, discusses how can the local pharmacy better serve today’s customers?

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