Chanel experience store, Spitalfields

The Chanel London Studio leads with experience.

Alix Hope
By Alix Hope
Posted 23. 05. 2018
Must see may chanel studio feature01

We visited the new Chanel London Studio store in Spitalfields. We spoke to some of staff there who told us the whole store is purely dedicated to experiences, and not sales. You can go in for beauty workshops and consultations. They even offer free bespoke beauty services, from ‘Complexion Perfection’ to ‘Trend Report Make Up’, but these need to be booked in advance.

Must see may chanel studio02
Must see may chanel studio03

Mixed media was used to display product, including video layered with colour palettes, allowing the product to live within a moodboard.

Must see may chanel studio04

The workshop space sat at the back of the store. Each station had a fixed iPad for tutorials, mirrors and beauty tools.

Must see may chanel studio06

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