Bob Dylan, The Beaten Path

'Bob Dylan, The Beaten Path' is a new exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery, running 5 Nov – 11 Dec. We went along to check it out. Read more here.

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By Michael Ransom
Posted 29. 11. 2016
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‘Bob Dylan, The Beaten Path’ is a new exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery, running 5 Nov – 11 Dec. The exhibition features a wide collection of drawings, watercolours, acrylics on canvas and sculptures by the legend himself.

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Like his music, Dylan’s artwork is deeply influenced by working class Americana. His paintings and sculptures represent a connection to his home country and to the open road, which to him has always symbolised freedom.

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Here, Dylan has used common iron tools and machinery to create brutal and honest sculptural forms. These are themes that can be heard throughout his musical output and something that sets him apart from other artists.

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Must see dylan beaten path


Halcyon Gallery
144-146 New Bond street, London,

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