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The latest edition of The Briefing, where we highlight key trends and share more on the ideas and insights that are driving innovation today.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 06. 09. 2023
88% of US consumers want to engage with brands that are setting new standards in meeting their expectations.

This Briefing looks at how brands that better understand their audiences are able to show up in unexpected and creative new ways.

Brands continue to stretch into areas that might, at first glance, not appear linked to their core offer. Increasingly as brands get close to their audiences; who they are, and why and how they use their products and services, this enables them to show up in more innovative and creative new ways in people's lives. By being focused on consumers and truly understanding their aspirations and needs, through innovative and creative thinking, brands can stretch into new areas to help their current, and potentially new customers.

And those brands that show up for their customers in new ways that prove they understand them, are being rewarded with people's loyalty. Wunderman’s study, “Wantedness”, found that, “the majority [79%] of consumers said that brands have to actually demonstrate that they understand and care about 'me' before they are going to consider purchasing.” and that “88% of US consumers want to engage with brands that are setting new standards in meeting their expectations.”

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Desperado lets people unwind with a dance-powered app 'Dance Club' following research that found the positive impact of dancing on wellbeing and mood. The study showed “82% revealed that engaging in daily dancing helps them unwind and alleviate stress from their daily lives.” The app also lets people raise money for charity through their dance and win a free beer or tickets, allowing the fun to have a deeper purpose whilst bringing people together by gamifying the dance floor.

TAL louis vuitton lounge doha airport LVLOUNGE0623 d9af03c1135f40df8e93278dc1bfaf8d

Louis Vuitton has stamped its mark as an innovator once again, as they explore the future of airport retail. The brand has challenged the conventional boundaries of high-end retail, hospitality, and luxury travel and created an airport lounge that brings luxury back into travel. The Louis Vuitton lounge at Doha, Qatar airport reinforces the brand's commitment to providing unique and luxurious experiences for its consumers.

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Boxes of Tea Pack It
©Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea’s ‘Pack Yer Bags’ song swaps out traditional ads for a music video, encouraging tea drinkers to remember to pack their tea bags for their holidays. This is based on a common problem for ''Brits aboard' who can struggle to get a decent cup of tea when aboard! The music video is a play on TikTok’s symbiotic relationship with music, as it aims to attract a younger audience.


7-Eleven released golf-themed merch as they realised that 7-Eleven brand enthusiasts were often sports enthusiasts too. This is a new way for people to fully immerse themselves in the brand based on understanding their consumers. “Now, when avid golf enthusiasts or budding players stop by our stores to refuel before hitting the greens, they can do so in a fresh style inspired by streetwear designs and our iconic colors,” Marissa Jarratt, EVP, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer of 7-Eleven.

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Charge cars micro factory london most architecture dezeen 2364 hero 2 1704x959
©Paul Riddle

Most Architecture creates user-centred showroom for electric car start-up Charge Cars that mimics an open-kitchen restaurant, where everything is on display for both staff and customers. Following the trend of people demanding transparency and seeing the process, Most Architecture engages customers by allowing them to experience the process and observe how the vehicles are designed and assembled.

©Danny La Rue

Gala opens a chippie hotel experience to help build community by bringing people together inspired by the bingo call of “33, fish, chips and peas”. The experience is a part of Gala Bingo's campaign ‘Where A Little Joy Goes A Long Way’ aiming to spread joy to local communities by bringing them the very best of Briton, in this case, fish and chips.

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We have identified 4 key insights...

Insight 1

A need to understand audiences in more nuanced ways, beyond broad socio-economic demographics.

Insight 2

This deeper insight and understanding allows brands to form stronger connections with their audiences.

Insight 3

With this deeper connection, brands will be able to behave more creatively.

Insight 4

And ultimately, this allows brands to make innovative leaps, to help their audiences in new and unexpected ways.

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A summary of what we’ve covered in this edition of the briefing

Trend Recap: Brands are continuing to stretch into areas that might not appear linked to their core offer. By being focused on consumers and truly understanding their aspirations and needs, through innovative and creative thinking, brands can stretch into new ways to help their current, and potentially new customers.

3 Takeaways:

1. Personal Innovation Favorite: Louis Vuitton’s new airport lounge will give people an immersive experience as the brand challenges current ideas of airport retail

2. Brands need to have a deep understanding of their customer in order to be able to create unique, innovative, and creative responses.

3. The more insightful brands are, the more people will favour them as they show they have taken the time to understand and care about them

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