Urbanistas: Women Innovators

Last weekend I headed down to Urbanistas: Women Innovators at the Roca London Gallery right by Imperial Wharf overground station.

The exhibition focuses on five architectural practices, all headed up by  women. All of the women are regarded as successful practitioners, allowing the exhibition to highlight both innovations in “sustainable, liveable examples of urban design” as well as the capabilities of women within this field.

This article by The Guardian gives a great insight into the thinking behind the project.

It was interesting to find the Angel Building, Islington, make an appearance.  A building round the corner from the D&P studio that I have walked past daily and seen how it’s developed that area of Islington over the past few years.


The exhibition staging and setting was interesting too.  Temporary scaffold and ply structures were set within the flowing trademark forms of Zaha Hadid who designed the gallery, forming a contrast which really worked to enhance the message that there was something interesting to see.

It is compact but full of thought-provoking content and ideas on how cities could and should look to the future.


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