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Jazz Types – A design experiment

Last night I was invited to a design exhibition about a 9min walk from the studio at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon that is definately worth a look even if you know nothing about jazz muscians (like me). Jazz Types – a design experiment was a project undertaken by Bob Mytton to to challenge his design creativity and imagination – design 100 Jazz posters in 100 consecutive days, each one representing a different musician.

“The creative brief was very simple –  a visual, graphic response to the artist and the music with no photography. Each day he chose an artist at random with the aim to design a poster in whatever time he had available, often only a few hours, sometimes longer, while documenting his thinking process and what he learnt about being creative along the way.”

About the Jazz Types

The stories behind the posters

JazzTypes_1JazzTypes_4 JazzTypes_2 JazzTypes_6

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