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Five words to describe our brand:


Being asked to work on the new identity for D&P was super exciting. We felt proud to be given the opportunity to have a say in creating a brand for a company looking to the future.

It took three months to create the identity, starting with workshops and ultimately launching at our summer party.


The hardest briefs are always your own and so we had to make sure we kept everyone engaged. There were high expectations to meet.

We worked as a mixed team of designers across all disciplines, hidden away in a room nicknamed the ‘Yellow Cube’. Pressured, creative, dynamic and a little hot at times, we created everything together. We think everyone knew what was going on, but we wanted to keep the launch a nice surprise. That said, David Dalziel says this is the worst kept secret ever!



The biggest meltdown moment was when we got the print quotes back – it’s fair to say we got a little carried away when specifying papers and inks! We regrouped, refocused and, in the end, arrived at something really unique.


The highlights were having the creative freedom to experiment, making new friends, and seeing everyone’s faces when we unveiled the new identity.


The results are surprising but definitely us. We’re happy that from the workshops right through to the outcome it’s been consistent.


A key part of the concept was to create a brand that everyone feels part of. This is just the start. We want everyone to get involved and make their mark on this brand.

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